After the Nood era and the old Cartoon Network logo have been retired at the end of May 2010, a new era of Cartoon Network was called the CHECK it era, which introduced a new look and logo. Although after "Regular Show" became more popular, it is then later renamed the "YEEEAUHHHH! era" in June 2011.

The YEEEAUHHHH! logo appears after the Cartoon Network logo in bumpers or advertisements. There are blocks/squares in the background, creating a more retro-like bumper. The Total Drama series had bumpers for prime time, new episodes, and if they are next on the schedule until the branding was retired in 2013.

YEEEAUHHHH! commercials

  • Owen yelling, "Al, Al, don't leave me hanging! Al, Al, Al, Al, Al!"
  • Bridgette getting her tongue stuck to a pole.
  • An announcer saying, "Coming up next on Cartoon Network: Total Drama World Tour."
  • Alejandro blowing a kiss to Heather (off-screen) and Cody saying "Hey!," as if the kiss is directed at him; Alejandro blowing the kiss again and Cody, shown with a mallet saying "Hey!" again.
  • Owen eating sausages and Noah asking him if they are the same sausages Owen had thrown up during the challenge. Owen does not respond to this question.
  • A flight attendant passes Cody while he's asleep and accidentally rings a bell, causing Cody to wake up and yell, "No more foot rubs, Sierra!"
  • Sierra putting her thumb in Cody's mouth, to which he yells "Aah!" and Sierra doing it again. She then erupts into a giggle fit.
  • The Total Drama Jumbo Jet is flying in the sky and the announcer says, "Does anyone here know how to fly a plane?," a line taken from the movie, "Airplane!."
  • From Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Leshawna is in the confessional shouting, "There's a camera in the potty, again?!"
  • The ending of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's commercial from Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.
  • While Sierra is trying to open Team Amazon's prize from Broadway, Baby!, three giant apples with rewards in them, the announcer says it would be great if the giant apple was filled with smaller apples. Then Sierra opens it and the apples spill out, causing her to cheer.
  • Alejandro is in the confessional. The announcer says, "On behalf of the crew, we apologize for the toenail found in the chili." Alejandro vomits and then Chris says, "Okay..." in an awkward tone.
  • Chris gasps. The announcer says, "Um, yeah, we are the only ones who get to do the voice-over. Kindly back off, sir. Thank you very much!" Chris gasps again.
  • Owen is shown whistling the Canadian National Anthem through his nose, as seen in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.


  • Heather is seen with her original hair from the first season in the Total Drama Action bumper, despite her being bald during that season.
  • In the Total Drama Action bumper, Alejandro and Sierra are there despite them not competing until Total Drama World Tour.