Wheel 'O' Secrets was a Total Drama Action game, exclusively available on the Teletoon website. Wheel 'O' Secrets featured the fifteen contestants of Total Drama Action. The game also had Chef Hatchet and Chris appearing before and after each game is played and completed. The game was removed from the website in 2015, though it is still accessible through Cartoon Network Asia and other websites.


The game format for Wheel 'O' Secrets is simple. The player must click the space bar to stop the moving heads, bodies, and legs of each of the characters, as they spin around the abandoned film lot. When arranged properly and the parts of each person are matched up, it will form each character design. Doing so will complete one of the fifteen contestants of the season. When it is arranged improperly and you get no characters, you will get booed. However, you are allowed to continue playing.

After the player completes the designs of all fifteen contestants the player wins, and a "huge" secret is revealed. It is then revealed that the secret is simply Chef in the pink dress he wears at the Gilded Chris Award elimination ceremonies. The player is then given the chance to play the game again if they so choose.



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