sierra audition

  • sierra gets off bus for TDWT*

  • sierra runs to cody*

Sierra:OMG CODY *goes closer to his face and whispers* i wanna marry you

  • cody runs away*

Sierra:just like my dreams but with his shirt on

  • in the craft services later on*

  • goes up to chris who is talking about the challenge*

Sierra:OMG chris my mom is SO in love with you did you know we have a macaroni chris shrine and all my fish are named chris Mclean and i think your really really really really HOT!!! LOL

  • chris tells sierra to sit or shes kicked off*

Sierra(who is now by cody):Cody Emmet Jamieson Anderson born april 1st which is april fools day LOL

  • cody is weirded out and asks how she knows*

sierra in confessional 

sierra:i called codys aunt and acted as a telemarketer to get codys secrets LOL did you know cody is an only child and his dads a professor his mom gave him fifty dollars for beating his dad in chess which his dad had to go on a journey of enlightenment just to try to beat cody and did you know that cody *cameras battery dies*

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