Heroic Hamsters

Sam:i actually think hes going first because hes not much of an all star and they will bring Owen instead but sam will continue his relationship with Dakota and video games 

Courtney:i think shes gonna win actually and try to get duncan back and trys to become friends with gwen again 

Sierra:i think she will make it far but will always be begging chris to bring back cody 

Zoey:she will be in the final 5 and her relationship with mike will continue 

Mike:will be in final 5 and he will continue his relationship with zoey also i think mikes personalitys will come back and they want revenge also now theres an evil one *if you had seen what was in the backround of Grand chef auto ;)* you would know

Cameron:will be out early cause of courtney

lindsay:will make it far but not to final 5 she will keep asking wheres tyler again 

Villainous vultures

heather:will make it to final 5 will comtinue relationship with alejandro/robot

Alejandro/robot:uuummm i dont know i just dont know 

lightning:will not make it far and will still have white hair 

jo:will make it kinda far but not to far and she will pretty much stay the same

scott:i dont know i just dont know 

Gwen:will start to fight with duncan and possibly break up and she will not make it far

Duncan:will start to not like gwen and wishes he had courtney again and will make it to final 5

these are my predictions only so its not facts and i do not read spoliers so this is from my own thinking of season 5


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