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  • I live in usa
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is sophomore in high school
  • I am female
  • ZoeyXmike24

    Heroic Hamsters

    Sam:i actually think hes going first because hes not much of an all star and they will bring Owen instead but sam will continue his relationship with Dakota and video games 

    Courtney:i think shes gonna win actually and try to get duncan back and trys to become friends with gwen again 

    Sierra:i think she will make it far but will always be begging chris to bring back cody 

    Zoey:she will be in the final 5 and her relationship with mike will continue 

    Mike:will be in final 5 and he will continue his relationship with zoey also i think mikes personalitys will come back and they want revenge also now theres an evil one *if you had seen what was in the backround of Grand chef auto ;)* you would know

    Cameron:will be out early cause of c…

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  • ZoeyXmike24

    sierra audition

    August 28, 2013 by ZoeyXmike24

    sierra audition

    • sierra gets off bus for TDWT*

    • sierra runs to cody*

    Sierra:OMG CODY *goes closer to his face and whispers* i wanna marry you

    • cody runs away*

    Sierra:just like my dreams but with his shirt on

    • in the craft services later on*

    • goes up to chris who is talking about the challenge*

    Sierra:OMG chris my mom is SO in love with you did you know we have a macaroni chris shrine and all my fish are named chris Mclean and i think your really really really really HOT!!! LOL

    • chris tells sierra to sit or shes kicked off*

    Sierra(who is now by cody):Cody Emmet Jamieson Anderson born april 1st which is april fools day LOL

    • cody is weirded out and asks how she knows*

    sierra in confessional 

    sierra:i called codys aunt and acted as a telemarketer to get codys sec…

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