• Zoey+Mike


    October 30, 2013 by Zoey+Mike

    I think Zoey & Mike are an awesome couple unlike Gwen & Duncan  why is Gwen being rude to Duncan all of a sudden i mean he didn't do nothing and whats up with cortney Gwen came in when she was out so whats her problem...I think Mike & Zoey would be a great couple but they don't have like that sassiness in their relationship like they just act normal in my opinion i htink they should be like interesting (not that they already are) e.g. Bridgett & Geoff they had sassiness and they're interesting feature was that they kept kising and making out instead of doing what everybody else was doing and Sierra & Cody they're interesting feauture was that Sierra kept stalking Cody and Cody never liked her in the frist place yeah thats what i mean by sa…

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