This is a fanfic that I thought about and spent about two or three hours making. It's my first what if, please give feedback.

I skipped the song because it would probadly be a whole different song without Alejandro and i'm not good at coming up with songs.

Also at the end with Ezekiel taking the winner's money and the volcano erupting is still the same.

"Oh no Sierra fell in quicksand!" said Heather with an evil smirk

"Someone help her!" said Cody as he looked over to the peanut gallery with a concerned look

"Big mistake!" said Alejandro before knocking him off the platform

  • Alejandro is about to knock Cody off the platform before he notices Heather screaming*
  • The flamed arrow starts spreading towards Heather's hair*

"AHHHHHHH!" screamed Heather

"HEATHER!" screamed Alejandro with a very concerned look as he stops what he's doing to rush to where Heather is

"No everythings fine with Sierra." said Cody calmly as he watched Alejandro try to blow out the fire that's spreading close to Heather

"Go for it, dude!" shoots Geoff from the peanut gallery


"Had this been ANYONE else I wouldn't be able to do this, BUT since this is Alejandro........" said Cody in confusion

End of confessional

  • Cody hits Alejandro in the back of his groin while he's trying to blow out the flames that's about to engulf *

"AWAWWAAWWWAW" yelled Alejandro as he crotched down in pain

"OH that HAD to hurt." taunted Duncan as he winced his eyes while giving a slight smile

"Hurry up dorkwad! I'm about to fry here!" yelled Heather as Cody tried to free

"I'm trying but these ropes are so tight" complained Cody as he struggled to untie them

  • Cody accidentally pushes Alejandro into the shark infested water while he tries to untie Heather*
  • Alejandro yells as he gets mauled by the sharks*
  • Cody and Heather don't hear him due to being distracted with getting Heather off the ropes*

"Looks like we have our final two." states Chris as Cody finally gets Heather untied


"Oh great Mr. Popular won. So much for my million dollars now." sarcastically and disappointedly said Heather

End of confesional

"Is someone going to help Alejandro?!" nervously said Courtney

"Yeah, yeah we have an intern fishing him out now." nonchalantly said Chris

  • the scene cuts away to an intern literally using a fishing rod to get fish out a severally injured Alejandro*

"Now that we have our final two, it's my pleasure to announce, the peanut gallery will not be voting on a winner this time." stated Chris

"Yes!" shouted Heather as her facial expression lit up with joy

"Now your challenge is to make dummies of each other and throw them in this volcano over here." stated Chris as he pointed to the volcano

"You get two helpers." stated Chris

"I choose....." paused Cody as he looked around at all the supporters he's got


"Sierra and-" stated Cody as he was cut-off by someone

"And me." stated Harold as him and Sierra walked over to where Cody was

"Thanks." said Cody

"It's nothing, just helping out one of my fellow Drama Brothers" said Harold

"Any volunteers for me?" said Heather as she nervously looked at the glaring peanut gallery

"I'll go." said Alejandro as he stood up holding an open wound on his chest while walking on one leg since his left one was broken

"But i'm going to need a helper." said Alejandro as he charmingly looked at Courtney

  • Courtney nodded as she rushed over to where Alejandro was and carried his arms around her shoulders*

"Are you sure it's a good idea to let Sierra and Alejandro do this? Sierra's in a wheelchair and Alejandro still has untreated wounds." nervously said Bridgette

"Don't worry Bridge like I said before these guys are survivors." cheerfully said Geoff

"Now that we have our helpers And to make things go faster why don't you-" cut Chris as a song symbol poped up on the screen

  • Skip song*
  • After the song Heather and Cody are seen with wooden dummies that resembles their body shape*

"Alright for winning the effigy challenge Heather you get a head start." stated Chris

"See you sucker." tauntingly said Heather as she passed Cody by

"No wheelbarrow? What am I suppose to do without a wheelbarrow?" complained Heather

"It's ok you can have mine." said Alejandro

  • Heather puts her dummy in Alejandro's wheelbarrow and quickly runs towards the volcano*

scene cuts

"So much for that...." said Cody as he tried toput his dummy in his mini wheelbarrow until he sees that it broke

"Don't worry Cody a brought some weaving material along with me just in case this would happen." said Sierra as she reached for her pocket and weaved a big basket made out of grass for Cody to put his dummy on

"Well this was a piece of cake." smugly said Heather as she continued far onto the volcano until she sees Cody almost right behind her

"Huh? How did that nerdling get all the way over here in such a short amount of time?" asked Heather as she almost ran into the river of lava

"That was too close!" nervously said Heather as she stopped in her tracks

"You will have to get past this river of lava if you want to make it to the volcano. That wheelbarrow probadly won't be too helpful."stated Chris

"But we have some booby traps to make things tougher on you. Your helpers can keep them secure or send them falling, it's your call." stated Chris

"Luckly all I have is this basket." said Cody as he jumped to each stepping stone

"Get him with the boobytrap." nervously said Heather as she saw Cody take the lead

"Stop them." said Cody as Harold and Sierra blocked Courtney away from the ropes

  • Alejandro cutd one of the ropes setting off a trap while Harold and Sierra are distracted on Courtney*
  • A cage falls on Heather and locks her in it*
  • Cody runs off the stepping stones and onto the volcano*

"You can't give up Heather." said Alejandro

"Oh yeah and why are you so concerned if I win or not? All you've ever tried to do was get me eliminated, why are you all the sudden so concerned about me losing?" asked Heather

" brother Jose always punches me in the arm and calls me Al and I HATE it!" said Alejandro

"And?" asked Heather

"He's better than me at everything, that's why I wanted to join Total Drama. To prove that by winning this show that no one is better than me at anything but now I want you to win so I can at least tell him that unlike his my girlfriend was able to win a reality show." said Alejandro

"Girlfriend?!" yelled Heather

"Yes, I love you and don't try to hide it anymore I know you love me as much as I do you......if you aren't going to win for yourself than at least win for me." said Alejandro

  • This gives Heather the courage to bust out of the cage and run off but not before giving Alejandro a "thank you" kiss
  • Heather and Cody are neck and neck at the volcano, after arriving to it both of them throw their dummies into it*

- In Canada, Australia, Europe, Egypt, and Japan, Heather's dummy makes it in first and she wins Total Drama World Tour.

- In USA, Swedon, France, Denmark, and Rusia. Cody's dummy makes it in first and he wins Total Drama World Tour.

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