Since Courtney fans seem to think that she can't do no wrong I've compiled this list to make you all see the bigger picture. But I know you will all make excuses for these actions like all Courtney fans do.

- Tried to get Tyler eliminated instead of taking responsiblity for costing her team the challenge

- Got Sadie eliminated for simply doing the challenge

- Hit Ezekiel with a lightpost for trying to console her

- Left Duncan with a sprained ankle

- Was going to let Cody, Owen, DJ and Tyler drop to their deaths for the money

- Sued her way into a show she rightfully didn't qualify for

- Basically cheated her way through the game by using her lawyers to give her unfair advantages such as real food and immunity for a week when her team lost

- Abused and humiliated Duncan constantly just for taunting her

- Bribed with everyone's life just for a portion of there million dollars

- Manipulated Harold into voting off Leshawna

- Manipulated Justin's feelings to get him eliminated and almost killed him in the process

-Tried to make Duncan memorize a ridiculously long contract and tried to make him give up on the game to make her happy

-Acts hypocritical is still mad to this day about Gwen stealing Duncan but flirts with Tyler who she knows is Lindsay's boyfriend

-Throws the challenges out of pity revenge

- Pushes Tyler off the plane before he could get his parachute on while still injured

- Smiles after Cody gets eaten by a shark

- Kicks Harold in the groin just for taunting her

- Tries to cut off Cody's legs to try to help Alejandro

- Threatens to get Zoey eliminated for being a threat

- Uses Sam and all of her teammates as shields to save her weak butt

- Admits that she would have let Gwen get killed to win a million

Courtney fans accept Courtney for who she is which is a mean, selfish, boosy, manipulative person. Courtney is getting fans for all the wrong reasons she's not nice because that's not her personality. You guys should love her for the Villainous Vulture she is.

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