Here's my list:

8. Courtney - She's a villain, so she's automatically at last place.

7. Duncan - While he can do heroic things when it suits him, but lets be honest he's too much of a bully to be considered an actual hero.

6. Sierra - Stalkers aren't very Heroic. While she has done Heroic things for Cody that's only for Cody. I never saw her go out of her way to help someone else in TDWT. She also does equally mean-spirited things for Cody. The worst example has to be her forcing kisses on Cody and trying to kill Heather just for cuddling with him [something she didn't even really do].

5. Sam - What Heroic thing has this guy ever done? I mean sure, he's nice. But there's a big difference between being nice and being heroic, and Sam isn't Heroic.

4. Mike - While he has been the main protagonist of the series since ROTI. He has done several things that stop you from rooting for him. Such as the fact that he didn't warn anyone that he has an evil personality called Mal that's bent on destruction, instead he decides to be an idiot and knock himself out with a rock. And him giving Alejandro Fangs tooth in the finale was just cruel.

3. Cameron - In ROTI he's one of the sweetest and most Heroic contestant in Total Drama history. Even sharing his prize money with jerks like Scott, Jo and Lightning. However in All-Stars not only does he become a bland screenhogging elimination houidini brat. It also shows off his lesser Heroic qualities such as exploiting Scott's fear of sharks to win the challenge. That was CRUEL! And kissing Courtney right infront of Scott and then lying about it? Come on Cameron, your better than that!

2. Zoey - She's one of the most Ideal Heroes. Kind, friendly, willing to help others. I don't care what the haters say she's one of the most Heroic characters in Total Drama. Her on flaw is her naiveness but even then she eventually caught on to Mal's scheme.

1. Lindsay - Had beautiful character development. Going from a pushover to an ideal leader who isn't afraid to stand up to villains like Heather and COURTNEY! This development was displayed nicely in Get a Clue where she even outsmarted Courtney. I liked seeing the look on Courtney's face when Lindsay invited Duncan with her. BWAHAHAHAAH! Nice one, Lindsay! Sadly as of TDAS her role as a character is diminishing into the background.

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