How could have anyone liked this big butted loudmouth piece of poop in TDWT? It's absolutely jaw dropping how they can [in-universe] praise her for being stupid and throwing the challenge out of pity anger. It's bad enough how they make Leshawna's elimination out to be all Alejandro's fault and never takes responsibility for herself since when does seize the day mean throw the challenge like an idiot to beat up the contestant you dislike the most. It makes me lose all sympathy that I had about her elimination when no one even calls her out on this. At least Bridgette admitted her mistakes and reflected on that fact that she could let another man get in the way of her relationship with Geoff. At least in TDA although she made a lot of mistakes she reflected and tried to redeem herself for those mistakes. When Heather helped her then she at least thanked her and tried to end the conflict between them. Heather tries to help her again. She HATES her more than ever even going as far as sticking her middle finger up at her and claiming beating her up was fun. Also this is why I don't think of any of them as actual heroes because I understand you might not like someone but rooting for someone to use outright assault aganist them and knock their tooth out. That's just wrong! Oh and not to mention how she treated Harold in "Super Fun Time Japan" she treats Harold like dirt for the whole episode in favor of a guy she met like what 2 or 3 weeks ago then when he leaves she still acts like a butthole towards him and then in the beginning of the next episode tries to act sympathetic in her sassy ghetto voice saying "Dang fool wanted me to have his num-yos". LMFAO, it's so funny how inconsistent her character is. One minute she actually has feelings the next she's no better than Scott and Alejandro. I'm glad she didn't compete for All-Stars because knowing this show's messed up morality she'll probadly be put on the Heroes team. I fell like in TDA Leshawna was at her best. In TDI she was so friendly that no one could say anything bad about her she was just that generic girl that everyone loves and as I already explained in TDWT she's a cold-hearted, inconsistent, dumba**. TDA made her more balanced it showed that even she isn't a saint and can make mistakes at times but she learned from them and redeemed herself. She wasn't even mad when Harold voted her off. The development she got in TDA was amazing too bad they had to ruin all that in TDWT. The only reason why I don't put Leshawna in last on my rankings is because of that development and because I hate Sierra even more than TDWT Leshawna but I definitely hate her more than Courtney since i'm starting to loosen up on her after "Suckers Punched"........ *takes deep breath* i'm glad I got that out of my system.

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