TDWT is my favorite season so I feel it's my duty to stand up for my season! These are the list of complaints I hear.

The love triangle - This is the most talked about complaint that has been discussed for over 3 years now. I don't see how it ruined TDWT. It was only focused on for three episodes and it brought drama which is what the show is called. And I know some of you here who over-exaggerate by saying it got too much and made everyone out to be jerks. That isn't true there was still heartwarming moments, witty humor, and great songs just watch "Awwww Drumheller" or "Planes  Traines and Air Mobles". Also, if your a non-Courtney fan and actually see it through a logical standpoint than you would know what kind of abuse Duncan went through with Courtney from constantly kicking him in the groin to making overally long lists pointing out all his flaws and how to change them, why don't you get a girlfriend/boyfriend that's like that than you can talk. According to Sierra Gwen and Duncan were close ever since TDI. Duncney was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Courtney just wasn't Duncan's type, she's too controlling she's probadly the reason why Duncan never got to spend his hard earned money because of him having to pay for lawyers. Now back to what happened with the love trinagle, by the time Duncan even knew what was going on he was put back on the show and trapped in a bathroom there was no time to break up with Courtney and he said after the kiss that he would in the "Greece's Pieces" song. Even though it's all three of them's fault Courtney [for being too controlling], Gwen [for accepting Duncan's kiss instead of pushing him off her] and Duncan [for kissing Gwen]. The real culprit is Chris had he not unlocked the bathroom door than Duncan would have most likely broke up with Courtney. Anyway the point is none of the characters were "derailed" like so many of you say and their still was those heartwarming moments.

Team Victory being wipped out - Yes they were wipped out but when you think about it was actually a good thing for them to be wipped out. Harold, Leshawna and Lindsay already made it far last season, DJ isn't really meant to be a main character he's more of a filler that why they gave him that animal curse sub-plot, I guess the writers wanted to make him more interesting but yeah he's a pretty bland character, Bridgette is better as an Aftermath host than a contestant, atleast in my opinion, Zeke being booted first was suppose to be a joke like Feral Zeke I myself don't like that nor find it funny but I can tolerate it. Also everyone on the other teams needed development. Team CIRRRRH - Alejandro was the main antagonist, Noah, Tyler and Izzy needed development and Owen is after all the creator's pet. Team Amazon - Heather for her love/hate rivalry with Alejandro, Courtney and Gwen for the love triangle, Sierra is new so they want to squeeze as much development for her in as possible, and Cody needed development as well as him being the satellite love interest for Sierra. So yeah Team Victory had to be used as filler for these plots.

Villain vs Villain finale - Well some people don't like to see the Heroes always win. It gets boring sometimes and is unrealistic, this season was more realistic by having the strongest players [which just so happen to be villains] the final 2. And I don't know if I would say Alejandro deserved to after everything he did...but Heather to win. She went through a whole season of people hating on her, attacking her and trying to get her booted the first chance they get. She had no one to help her through the challenges opposed to season 1 when Lindsay was helping her, she did everything on her own and was even aganist the idea of throwing a challenge to get her arch-enemy finally eliminated instead she wanted to do it the honorable way [that's why I think she's a better person than Courtney]. And come on don't deny that the AleHeather finale wasn't a masterpiece. It was the first time two rivals actually battled. Owen and Gwen and Duncan and Beth rarely even interacted with each other before they were in the final 2. That Versus song with both of them popping of the volcanos like gods DAYUM was that awesome!

Simply put TDWT was a masterpiece.

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