I LOVE antagonists, they put the DRAMA in Total Drama don't try to deny it you know you love these sexy antagonists. Sadly not all of them are good which is what were going to be talking about today.

8. Scott

Lets give it up for the worst antagonist in Total Drama history......Scott! He had such a terrible strategy that only worked because his teammates were idiots. He tried to find the immunity idol to protect him but last time I checked theirs only one immunity idol. Also, how come he just so happen to be listening in when Dawn revealed that she knew what he did? Does he have mind-reading powers are something? Their was literally no time where I was actually interested in his schemes. It didn't help that he was Comedy-Relief type antagonist as well so we couldn't even take him seriously. The only contestants he got eliminated were B, Dawn, and Mike. B can't talk, the requirement of him getting rid of Dawn was that he had to randomly be listening in on Dawn's confessional, and for Mike all he need to do was win immunity to get rid of him, no vote whatsoever.

7. Justin

I loved the built-up he had in the TDI special. I was expecting great things from him, sadly his arc is dropped halfway but I liked him more than Scott since unlike Scott whenever he was going to do something antagonistic he always kept me wondering what it was, with Scott I didn't care. Another thing that's keeping him down is his motivation, how did he become so competitive in TDA? In TDI he didn't even seem to care about the game, all it seemed like he wanted was to show everyone his charm. What made him become a villain?

6. Mal

Such a terrible antagonist, he only eliminated Alejandro and Courtney [and that was only because they were dumbed down in this season], nearly all his schemes were foiled, and all he seemed to do was break things. It's sad because the JekyllAndHyde trope was used for an antagonist, theirs so much they could have done with this but I didn't put him at last because he at least came off as intimating, I mean hear his voice, scary right? And so far he's been the only antagonist to outright try to murder people, so yeah he's pretty scary.

5. Jo

Now don't get me wrong despite her sub-par ranking she was a good antagonist it's just the rest are even better. She was ruthless, manipulative, tough, and bossy but since she was only the secondary antagonist of TDROTI she didn't have a lot of focus which is a shame considering she was a way better antagonist than Scott.

4. Alejandro

Yeah I know he was a great antagonist and made TDWT interesting but what's keeping him down for me is more of a personal bias while I do respect his skills as an antagonist I can't like him because of all my favorites that he eliminated, and I can't stand how he won the Canadian ending of TDWT, and he was a bit of a god-player. If it wasn't for those minor things than I would put him at the top.

3. Lightning

Lightning's a pretty underrated antagonist. I really liked him, he was like a breathe of fresh air because he was the first one to never use manipulation nor was he strategic, he used his brawn and competitive drive to win, and since he was only one for the last two episodes of TDROTI he never felt over-used. Now if he was the antagonist for the whole season than yeah I would hate him but he did his part well as a temporary antagonist for the finale.

2. Courtney

Another underrated antagonist, I used to think that Courtney was a terrible antagonist but after rewatching Total Drama Action I've now reconsidered this. She was amazing ruthless, evil, manipulative. She got many of the contestants eliminated [Owen, Leshawna, Justin, Lindsay]. She took advantage of everything she got from suing the show to using her lawyers to give her unfair advantages. She had her sights solely on the money even going so far as forcing the contestants to share a portion of their winnings in exchange for their lives.

1. Heather

The first and best antagonist. I was interested in her, this is first time I believe any show [I don't watch any reality shows] when I say first I mean other cartoons that I watched where the main villain is actually a high school prom queen. Like Courtney she got plenty of contestants eliminated and had a strong will to win. I respect her after watching " I Triple Dog Dare You" it really showed how determined Heather was to win but in the end the Karma that she had coming to her for so long overpowered her desire to win. Which is what made her downfall all them more satisfying.

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