• Zoether

    Here's my list:

    8. Courtney - She's a villain, so she's automatically at last place.

    7. Duncan - While he can do heroic things when it suits him, but lets be honest he's too much of a bully to be considered an actual hero.

    6. Sierra - Stalkers aren't very Heroic. While she has done Heroic things for Cody that's only for Cody. I never saw her go out of her way to help someone else in TDWT. She also does equally mean-spirited things for Cody. The worst example has to be her forcing kisses on Cody and trying to kill Heather just for cuddling with him [something she didn't even really do].

    5. Sam - What Heroic thing has this guy ever done? I mean sure, he's nice. But there's a big difference between being nice and being heroic, and Sam isn't Heroi…

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  • Zoether

    I had this discussion with someone, and they think that Courtney is actually Heroic and that she just has less idealistic qualities. But wouldn't an Anti-Hero be someone like Gwen or Sierra? Lets go over the list of most of the evil things she has done:

    - Tried to get Tyler eliminated instead of taking responsiblity for costing her team the challenge

    - Got Sadie eliminated for simply doing the challenge

    - Hit Ezekiel with a lightpost for trying to console her

    - Left Duncan with a sprained ankle

    - Was going to let Cody, Owen, DJ and Tyler drop to their deaths for the money

    - Sued her way into a show she rightfully didn't qualify for

    - Basically cheated her way through the game by using her lawyers to give her unfair advantages such as real food an…

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  • Zoether

    Antagonists ranking

    December 18, 2013 by Zoether

    I LOVE antagonists, they put the DRAMA in Total Drama don't try to deny it you know you love these sexy antagonists. Sadly not all of them are good which is what were going to be talking about today.

    8. Scott

    Lets give it up for the worst antagonist in Total Drama history......Scott! He had such a terrible strategy that only worked because his teammates were idiots. He tried to find the immunity idol to protect him but last time I checked theirs only one immunity idol. Also, how come he just so happen to be listening in when Dawn revealed that she knew what he did? Does he have mind-reading powers are something? Their was literally no time where I was actually interested in his schemes. It didn't help that he was Comedy-Relief type antagoni…

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  • Zoether

    This is a fanfic that I thought about and spent about two or three hours making. It's my first what if, please give feedback.

    I skipped the song because it would probadly be a whole different song without Alejandro and i'm not good at coming up with songs.

    Also at the end with Ezekiel taking the winner's money and the volcano erupting is still the same.

    "Oh no Sierra fell in quicksand!" said Heather with an evil smirk

    "Someone help her!" said Cody as he looked over to the peanut gallery with a concerned look

    "Big mistake!" said Alejandro before knocking him off the platform

    • Alejandro is about to knock Cody off the platform before he notices Heather screaming*
    • The flamed arrow starts spreading towards Heather's hair*

    "AHHHHHHH!" screamed Heather


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  • Zoether

    Defending TDWT

    November 2, 2013 by Zoether

    TDWT is my favorite season so I feel it's my duty to stand up for my season! These are the list of complaints I hear.

    The love triangle - This is the most talked about complaint that has been discussed for over 3 years now. I don't see how it ruined TDWT. It was only focused on for three episodes and it brought drama which is what the show is called. And I know some of you here who over-exaggerate by saying it got too much and made everyone out to be jerks. That isn't true there was still heartwarming moments, witty humor, and great songs just watch "Awwww Drumheller" or "Planes  Traines and Air Mobles". Also, if your a non-Courtney fan and actually see it through a logical standpoint than you would know what kind of abuse Duncan went throu…

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