If you had to pick AROUND TWENTY (doesnt have to be exact) characters to appear on season 5, who would they be and why? (Also, feel free to tell me what you think of my picks!)

Mine would be:

  • Dawn and B, Zoey And Mike, Jo and Brick. They would all be so cool together!
  • Eva, Ezekiel. They never had enough time on the show
  • Izzy. Shes always eliminated like right after the season starts, and when she returns, shes ALWAYS eliminated like, what, 4 episodes after she returns!?
  • Lindsay, Noah, and Tyler. In all thier second seasons, there characters where really developed more! I would like to see them once again.
  • Alejandro and Heather: The best relationship this series has ever had.
  • Owen. Sure, he is "overrated", but I like his happy-go-lucky attitude!
  • Cody. I liked how he turned out in season 3! I would like to see him once again in another season.
  • Sierra. Sure, shes a stalker girl, but you SAW how codys look was when sierra was hugging him in season 4! That might mean a future relationship!
  • Bridgette and Geoff. They were the most awesome characters in season 1. But yet, after that, they were always almost instantly eliminated, and you only saw them every 6 episodes!
  • Katie and Sadie. I dont have anything wrong with Sadie, but Katie hasnt been in the game LONGER then anybody else! She NEEDS to be back in the game!
  • Trent. Come on, hes only been in the game 20 episodes, and went crazy in TDA, he needs to be back in the game....

Here are some reasons why i didnt pick some characters:

  • Duncan. Seriously, he was a horrible person in TDWT, betraying courtney and Gwen. And hes still loved by ALL the fangirls!
  • Courtney. She was Nice with Duncan in TDI, but after her return in TDA, she became a b****.
  • Gwen. She didnt cause the DXGXC thing, but all the same, any of them returning would stir up things in season 5. And she directly eliminated Trent in TDA (even though he was crazy, he was eliminated! One of my favorite characters BTW)
  • Scott. ELIMINATING YOUR OWN TEAM. That would lead to YOUR DEMISE, especially when the other team have strong competitors!
  • Staci. If I hear another of her "Great Great Great Great" stories, I will explode.
  • Justin. He defininately was one of the worst antagonists. He relyed mostly on his looks to get him further in the game, which would wear off later in the game.
  • Anne Maria. Im into Zoey and Mike, not Anne Maria and Vito. That is all. (I dont really dislike anne maria, I actually like her a bit. But I dont want her and Vito to break Zoeys heart.)

All the other people I dont have a problem with, I just didnt like them as much as the other ones to want them to be in the game again.

Well, you heard of who I want to be in season 5, now who do YOU want to be in Season 5 and why or why not?

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