Before I start, this will not showcase any reasons of the currently eliminated contestants, unless they rejoin. (Which I highly doubt in this type of scenario, since a Double Elimination in such a short season and a rejoin seems highly unethical). However, if you need to catch up, the first four eliminated were:

  • Lindsay - Heroic Hamsters - 14th place
  • Lightning - Villainous Vultures - 13th place
  • Jo - Villainous Vultures - 12th place
  • Sam - Heroic Hamsters - 11th place

Now, for my prediction.

Episode 5's Prediction:

Losing Team: Heroic Hamsters
Eliminated: Cameron
Place: 10th
Reason: Not only did he win last season (And to be frank, they honestly need to eliminate a winner sooner or later). I would've put Zoey or Sierra in here, but I put Cameron in here instead, due to the fact that in the synopsis, he's appearently helping Mike with his "Newest Personality Problem". This means he has probably found out Mike's new personality, and since TMO is an antagonist of sorts, he does NOT want anyone to find him out. He takes his chance to eliminate Mike.

Episode 6's Prediction:

Losing Team: Heroic Hamsters
Eliminated: Sierra
Place: 9th
Reason: I personally think that the Heroes will end up being the ones who will end up on a losing streak, due to the fact that Villains have more interesting and expendable characters... I originally put Sierra as 2nd place, and eliminated Zoey here, but according to a synopsis in Episode 7, Zoey stays. Then I put Duncan.. but he also seems to be in Episode 7 as well. I can't even think of putting Mike in here due to the fact he's being one of the most developed... and the developing characters usually make it at least past the merge. Sierra is the only feasible member to go home right now.

Episode 7's Prediction

Losing Team: None.
Eliminated: Duncan.
Place: 8th
Reason: I would've put Heather here... but it seems more like Duncan is more suit to go home at this point. Heather, while not going to make it into the Final 5, is obviously gonna beat Duncan, as Duncan is just sorta... not into things much right now. I dunno how to explain it. Plus everyone else thinks that Duncan goes home tonight.


Episode 8's Prediction:

Eliminated: Heather
Place: 7th
Reason: Heather is the least interesting characters and undeveloped ones at the moment over Alejandro, Gwen, Courtney, Zoey, Mike, and Scott. I don't have much to say about her either.

Episode 9's Prediction:

Eliminated: Scott
Place: 6th
Reason: At this point, Scott has either succeeded in getting Courtney into an alliance, or failed. Either way, Scott doesn't have much usefulness, and is getting boring, therefore he is eliminated. I might've put Gwen here, but I think she'd stay for at least another episode.


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