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    Before I start, this will not showcase any reasons of the currently eliminated contestants, unless they rejoin. (Which I highly doubt in this type of scenario, since a Double Elimination in such a short season and a rejoin seems highly unethical). However, if you need to catch up, the first four eliminated were:

    • Lindsay - Heroic Hamsters - 14th place
    • Lightning - Villainous Vultures - 13th place
    • Jo - Villainous Vultures - 12th place
    • Sam - Heroic Hamsters - 11th place

    Now, for my prediction.

    Episode 5's Prediction:

    Losing Team: Heroic Hamsters
    Eliminated: Cameron
    Place: 10th
    Reason: Not only did he win last season (And to be frank, they honestly need to eliminate a winner sooner or later). I would've put Zoey or Sierra in here, but I put Cameron in h…
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    If you had the final pick

    February 21, 2012 by ZimFan

    If you had to pick 4 out of these 5 characters:

    • Duncan
    • Courtney
    • Alejandro
    • Staci
    • And Scott

    to go to the final four, who would you pick, and why?

    Id personally pick:

    • Staci. Shes done nothing really wrong except be annoying
    • Alejandro. Am I the only one who feels bad for him? He ALMOST DIED! (even if he did almost kill another contestant)
    • Scott. Sure, hes a horrible antagonist, with a horrible plan, but still, he still a funny character (remember the alarm clock incident XD)

    this was a really hard decision, but in the end I picked

    • Courtney. Shes a more tolerable character, and has done less then Duncan.

    Now youve heard my choices, now who do YOU pick?

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    Who would you pick

    February 21, 2012 by ZimFan

    If you had to pick AROUND TWENTY (doesnt have to be exact) characters to appear on season 5, who would they be and why? (Also, feel free to tell me what you think of my picks!)

    Mine would be:

    • Dawn and B, Zoey And Mike, Jo and Brick. They would all be so cool together!
    • Eva, Ezekiel. They never had enough time on the show
    • Izzy. Shes always eliminated like right after the season starts, and when she returns, shes ALWAYS eliminated like, what, 4 episodes after she returns!?
    • Lindsay, Noah, and Tyler. In all thier second seasons, there characters where really developed more! I would like to see them once again.
    • Alejandro and Heather: The best relationship this series has ever had.
    • Owen. Sure, he is "overrated", but I like his happy-go-lucky attitude!
    • Co…
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