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  • I live in Louisiana
  • I was born on May 17
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  • Zgamer101

    I was bored on the wiki so i decided to do this so enjoy! Theres only a few couples so i matchmade a few but lets begin

    6th.Rodney+ every girl ever

    Self Explainitory HE LOVES EVERYONE

    5th. Max+ Scarlett

    Two Evil brains make a evil couple and this couple is truly....

    4th. Sugar + Leo

    Sugar likes leo leo likes magic i like this couple LEO SAVE ME FROM THE TERRIBLE COUPLES WITH FORCEFIELD SPELL!Well that was interesting but if this needs to become a couple it needs love


    3. Beardo + Ella SHADDUP HATERS SHADDUP ISNT IT OBVIOUS They both love dat music

    2. Dave + Sky One of the main couples in the season... well its ok but dave

    is a well baby he shouldve been  in someones hand in three zones and a baby and sky,, okay?? Lots of confusion with this coupl…

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