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  • ZeroZeroThirteen

    I know it's too early to be talking about Season 6, but I want to show what I think the Season 6 cast should be. To be honest, I'm tired of seeing Duncan, Heather and Owen on; they've been on WAY TOO MUCH. Gwen and Courtney aren't on as much, but I think that four seasons of them are too much as well. Anyways, here's who I'd put on Season 6.

    1. Ezekiel - He only competed in four episodes, which is way too few. Besides, he's more than the sexist, elitist jerk the other campers percieve him to be. If Ezekiel comes back, he better not be a monster or get the boot first again.
    2. Eva - She only competed in one season and was second eliminated. Sure, Eva rejoined, but only for one episode. She's also an underrated character due to her abscense in the la…
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