This is my first blog I have wrote (yep lol) and I'm here to talk about two characters in particular: Dave and Mike. I hear a lot that this two are similar in some ways but they are also different in a lot of ways. The question is, which do you perfer? The Normal Guy Dave or the Multiple Personality Disorder Mike?


Both Dave and Mike share somewhat similar personailites (at least to Mike's "regular" personality). They also develop a crush on another competitor that is usually alethic and competive. Mike and Zoey's relationship is argubly the most focused relationship of two seasons making it one the longest reigning relationships of the series. Poor Dave as even though he tried hard to get into a relationship with Sky, his hard efforts ended up eliminated.

Why Choose Dave?


Dave can be competitve unlike Mike who, at first, only wants to impress Zoey. Dave also doesn't tolerate people who work too slowly even Sky. Dave is also pretty nice to some people but mainly focues his time onto trying to get with Sky. You have to admire his efforts as it reminds me of someone doing whatever he can to impress his love. However, Dave can be kinda of a whiner when it comes to breakups (even though, technically, he and Sky weren't in a relationship in the first place). It was has first love and he has his heart broken on television so I really can't blame him for crying like that. Though, that obession for Sky did kinda get creepy...Dave also afraid of germs and will always freak out whenever he is covered with dirt. It's pretty funny sometimes but, overall, Dave is a pretty tragic character. However, he still tries to keep his spirits up though. Maybe he should try to get with Ella after all!

Why Choose Mike?


Mike is definately one of the most reconizable characters in the series because of one thing: his multiple personalities. This makes Mike either a strong competitor (as Svelanta or Mal) or a weak one (as Chester or Vito and Vito simply cares for his looks instead of the game). Mike, unlike Dave, manages to be with the one he loves at the end of the season. However, this wasn't until the end of TDAS. Mike, overall, can be a strong competitor but not alone as Svelanta usually did the work in RotI and Mal did most of the work in TDAS.


I'm pretty obessed with the antagonists of the series and Mike as Mal is definately an evil one. Actually, Mal is the only antagonist of the Total Drama series that is considered "pure evil" as he harms others for fun. He is also afraid not to even kill as he nearly done so to three people. Mal is the only character that is even more crueler than Chris! Okay, maybe not. Though, I'm uncertain if Mal will put babies in harms way... Anways, Mal is an evil antagonist and can most likely beat Dave to a pulp. However, if Dave and Mike ever met face-to-face, I don't think it would get violent.


In conclusion, Dave and Mike can be similar but one is definately a stronger competitor. I heard the Dave won in another country and Mike won in the US version of TDAS. Still, one can say Mike only got far because of Mal and others will say that they are surprised that Dave made it to the merge. I am just wondering: which do you perfer? Dave or Mike? Me: I like both of them but I'd choose Mike mainly because of Mal. Dave is my favorite from PI so I don't put him so far back. One more message:

Please don't hate on Dave! He's so innocent!


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