Here are my predictions for Total Drama: Season 5 (part 1 with veterans).


  • B
  • Bridgette
  • Cameron
  • Courtney
  • Dawn
  • Duncan
  • Heather
  • Izzy
  • Lightning
  • Mike
  • Owen
  • Scott
  • Sierra


  • B and Dawn
  • Izzy and Dawn


  • Owen and Izzy (There is a possibility of them getting back together.)


  • Courtney and Duncan (They aren't a very good couple and it'd be interesting if they become enemies.)


  • Heather and Lightning (Possibly)
  • Dawn, B, Izzy, and Sierra

Elimination Order

13th: Scott (People will see right through his evil plans...hopefully)

12th: Cameron (They will see him as a threat.)

11th: Duncan(Courtney will become mad with him and accidently eliminate him.)

10th: Lightning (They will see him as a threat)

9th: Owen (Heather uses her evil ways.)

8th: Courtney (People become annoyed with her.)

7th: Heather (Her plans will be foiled.)

6th: Mike (His personality disorder gets the best of him.)

5th: Sierra (Her alliance betrays her when she goes crazy.)

4th: Bridgette (She is eliminated because she is a floater with no alliance.)

3rd: B (He quits because he feels like Dawn and Izzy deserve to win.)

Runner-Up: Dawn (She almost wins but looses by landslide.)

Winner: Izzy (She is one of the few veterans to never make the final 5 and pulls out a miracle and wins.)

Comment on what you think about these predictions and what your predictions are. :D

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