• Zannabanna

    Total Drama All-Stars predictions.

    • Heroic Hamsters: Gwen, Lindsay, Sierra, Cameron, Mike, Sam, and Zoey
    • Villainous Vultures: Alejandro, Duncan, Heather, Courtney, Jo, Lightning, and Scott

    • 14th Place - Scott - I think the Vultures will be the team that are on a losing streak for the first two challenges and I predict Scott will be the first to go. He is a huge threat and those who were in his season (Jo and Lightning) will probably get him out near the beginning due to him being the cause of multiple contestants .
    • 13th Place - Alejandro - Due to the Vultures losing again I predict that Heather will set Alejandro up, which causes his elimination.
    • 12th Place - Cameron - When the Heroes lose their first challenge I predict they will vote Cameron out…

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  • Zannabanna

    So with the news of most of the new cast of Total Drama All-Stars, I have a feeling the first half with the returnees will be the worst season. It's just my opinion. First, the cast is possibly the worst cast ever picked. Duncan? Courtney? Alejandro? Cameron? I mean really. They bring back people who have already won the show and made it to the final three every season. Like give the other one's a chance. Second, since it's heroes vs. Villains they picked another terrible cast. I'm wondering why Eva isn't back. She is probably one of the top villains in the whole show even though she appeared three times competing. They should have brought Dawn, who is the all-time fan favorite and Izzy who is also a big fan favorite back on the heroes. It…

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  • Zannabanna

    Season 5 Predictions

    December 24, 2012 by Zannabanna

    Here are my predictions for Total Drama: Season 5 (part 1 with veterans).

    • B
    • Bridgette
    • Cameron
    • Courtney
    • Dawn
    • Duncan
    • Heather
    • Izzy
    • Lightning
    • Mike
    • Owen
    • Scott
    • Sierra

    • B and Dawn
    • Izzy and Dawn

    • Owen and Izzy (There is a possibility of them getting back together.)

    • Courtney and Duncan (They aren't a very good couple and it'd be interesting if they become enemies.)

    • Heather and Lightning (Possibly)
    • Dawn, B, Izzy, and Sierra

    13th: Scott (People will see right through his evil plans...hopefully)

    12th: Cameron (They will see him as a threat.)

    11th: Duncan(Courtney will become mad with him and accidently eliminate him.)

    10th: Lightning (They will see him as a threat)

    9th: Owen (Heather uses her evil ways.)

    8th: Courtney (People become annoyed with her.)

    7th: Heather (Her plans will be foiled.)


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