I'm very sorry to annoce this, but I will not longer be coming to TDWIKI or the IRC, due to the RuneScript being horrible to me and other users find I'm to annoying. I had a great time here, and had some much fun talking to all of you guys. I will still be at other wikis, such as Phineas and Ferb, so contact may still be made through talk pages. I will still be holding my contest, colour Marie-Joanne, and I will still keep my userpage up and my talkpage. Thank you very much for your time. I will miss all of you, my friends and all other users. I am pretty new here, so a lot of you probably don't know me, but some know I made an impact. Thank you for an awesome time here!

I'd like to thank a lot of users for being nice to me and my friends.

Thank you to:

Misstditylerfan, for always being nice and talking with me for hours in the IRC (I heart you)

Dallas, the creator of "Heather Gone Gaga", for being a really nice user who makes awesome pictures

Freehugs,for being such a nice person to me, understanding

Numbuhthreefan, a really nice user and friend

Izzyfan, a nice person in the IRC


Admins, for helping me throught the rough patches

All my other friends, I thank you for being so friendly to me

My friends in the IRC, talking to me for hours

Everyone else, thanks for being so nice and helping me!

I will miss every single user I ever talked too. :)

Another reason too leave

I recently learned of a channel called "TDWIKI-swear" where some of the users (including admins) yell out random swear words a cusses. I am very angry right now that any user would go there to swear. Let me name some: WebkinzMania, CD-TDA, MR. TotalDramaFan, TDIFan13 and many more. So, yet again, another reason why I should leave the wiki and IRC. I also like to note that "SHUN_AND_HATE" swears also. I have removed some people for the list above for reasons you can see.

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