Okay so this blog is going to be kinda weird. I'm just going to go through episodes and analyze who would have gone home had the other team won immunity instead. Let's just see where this goes. I'll take requests as well but only for TDI atm,

(I apologize for my formatting beforehand)

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Beth

Reason: This one is an easy one. She was the only one who wouldn't jump for her team and easily could be blamed for her team's lost. Heather also hasn't made the biggest impact to her other teammates...yet.


Sorry guys. I'm just too chicken.

The Big Sleep

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Owen

Reason: Yeah this may likely be Owen. He was the first person to fall asleep both on his team and the whole competition. While Heather also may be voted out, she didn't form any major rivalries as of yet and Owen's popularity among his teammates doesn't really show early.


Did he already fall asleep?


Winner: Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Tyler

Reason: Yeah it's obvious that Tyler would be voted off. He didn't preform well in the challenge and only get one person out, who he later left the game with.


Seriously? Get somebody out besides Lindsay!

Not Quite Famous

Winner: Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Bridgette

Reason: While Bridgette and DJ both got a bad score of 2/10, Bridgette was the one who puked all over the audience and caused Courtney to break her violin.


Maybe her real talent was barfing?

The Sucky Outdoors

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Izzy

Reason: Izzy would most likely be on the chopping block. Izzy dressed up as a bear and frightened her whole team which is a good reason to vote her off. She also might be saved if Heather was voted out for her previous action to Gwen in Not Quite Famous but it would definitely be close.

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-47-17

Whatever. You'd totally do the same!

Phobia Factor

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Yeah...despite some people not being able to conquer their fears, Heather would still most likely be voted off just because of her attitude towards others and has already made enemies.


What?? At least I got a point for our team!

Up the Creek

Winner: Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Harold

Reason: An obvious one. He burned all of the paddles for the canoes thus possibly making them lose. Not so smart thinking there Harold.


Ah! I just realized they were our paddles!

Paintball Deer Hunter

Winner: Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Harold

Reason: This is a weird episode considering nobody did anything "wrong" on the Killer Bass. I'm just going to assume Harold would leave in this episode. Sadie is another option but nobody didn't dislike her and she didn't hurt Courtney!


I might as well take you out of the challenge Harold.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Winner: Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Harold

Reason: Geez Harold, your teammates must really not like you. Anyways just like Paintball Deer Hunter, nobody did anything wrong so I have to pin the blame on Harold again.

Harold and trio

You guys vote me off after bullying me all episode? GOSH

Who Can You Trust?

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Obviously she's extremely hated and to add fuel, she did embarrass Gwen in the first challenge. Trent is another possible choice but he didn't look as bad as he did in X-Treme Torture.


Do you hear something?

Basic Straining

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Well this episodes Trent didn't get any severe injuries! So obviously it would be Heather going home.


I am not amused by these results.

X-Treme Torture

Winner: Killer Bass

Eliminated: Trent

Reason: Wait, Heather isn't going home? Art makes a good point on Trent's injury and they could vote him off just like Cody. We also don't know how he is at the end of the episode. But if not, Heather would go home.


These bears are getting mighty fierce.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Winner: Killer Grips

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Yeah this is easy. Heather is just generally disliked by her team because of last season.

Harold agrees

You know Heather, maybe being nice is a good idea?

3:10 to Crazytown

Winner: Killer Grips

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Do I really need to explain this again?


Why don't you go take the Drop of Shame?

The Chefshank Redemption

Winner: Screaming Gaffers

Eliminated: Owen

Reason: This is actually an interesting one considering everybody on the team are friends with each other. It's also presumed the Justin is in an alliance with Lindsay and Beth so seems like Owen would leave.


You guys can't vote me off! My leg is killing me.

The Sand Witch Project

Winner: Killer Grips

Eliminated: DJ

Reason: Heather would go home obviously but DJ would probably quit the show anyways.

Dissapointed DJ

Don't be so sad DJ. You spared me from elimination.

Full Metal Drama

Winner: Killer Grips

Eliminated: Leshawna

Reason: Heather is saved from elimination thanks to Leshawna's lie. Even Harold would most likely vote for Leshawna. He even voted for her after it was resolved in Super Hero-ld.


Come on guys. Here's a bathroom stall as an apology.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Winner: Killer Grips

Eliminated: Leshawna

Reason: Leshawna, lying doesn't pay. Your own teammates left you in a cell and they'd more than likely vote out out.


Did they seriously leave me here?

Million Dollar Babies

Winner: Screaming Gaffers

Eliminated: Courtney

Reason: Don't try and use your lawyers to escape this elimination. It's obvious that the rest of the team would vote Courtney off.


Ugh! I'm calling my lawyers about this elimination!

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Gwen or Heather

Reason: So I'd think the voting would be tied between Gwen and Heather. Gwen and Courtney would vote for Heather, Heather and Sierra voting for Gwen. Sierra doing it because of Cody. And Cody himself would vote for his new stalker, Sierra.


What do you mean we're going to tie???

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: What a surprise. Anyays the big three of Amazon al bickered throughout the episode but because Heather is practically universally hated she wins...or loses.
Japan heather watches sierra

Heather's reaction to this blog.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Izzy

Reason: Alejandro and Tyler would probably vote for Izzy and Tyler was shown to be peeved at Izzy. Noah would also vote Izzy despite them being "friends"

Yukon radioactive sled

That's probably not safe Izzy...

Slap Slap Revolution

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: First off, nobody liked her. Second, she dropped the meat grinder out of the plane which could've helped them in the challenge.

Heather demands to know

So you got slapped and you're going to be voted off? That's hilarious.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Winner: Team Amazon

Eliminated: DJ

Reason: Screw tiebreakers. DJ would vote for himself and Lindsay votes DJ. Good riddance.


Sorry DJ but I just don't want you to rob me this season.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: You'd think Sierra would go home but despite her constant crying this episode, she revealed she was faking it so Gwen Courtney and Sierra would vote Heather just like they did in the Amazon.

S3 (4)

Ugh! At least I didn't cry all episode.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Winner: Team Victory

Eliminated: Owen

Reason: This could go either way tbh. Alejandro didn't know of Noah's suspicions so he has no reason to vote him off. I'm guessing Alejandro and Tyler would vote for Owen, Noah votes for Alejandro and Owen would vote Tyler because he considered Alejandro his friend. It also doesn't help that he was recently hit by a plane.


First I lose Izzy, now I'm eliminated?

I See London...

Winner: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Heather

Reason: Team Chris should have won anyways. But it would be Heather going home. At this point in the game Sierra would ally with Courtney and Gwen and vote her off.


You guys are the worst teammates ever.

Greece's Pieces

Winner: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Gwen

Reason: How does Cody have more upper body strength than Tyler? Anyways fake elimination ceremony but the votes would have already been confirmed with Courtney, Sierra and Heather voting for Gwen.

Greece gwen tear up

Tyler, why did you spill the tea?

The EX-Files

Winner: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Courtney

Reason: This time it's Courtney going home. Gwen would persuade Cody to vote with her (No Dingo this time, Thanks Duncan). Heather was fed up with Courtney this entire time so she's vote for her which leaves Courtney eliminated with three votes.

The Ex-Files Team Amazon Wins

Boyfriend kisser should go home! Grr.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Winner: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Alejandro

Reason: Darn you Owen for being so unpredictable. In a case I think Owen would abstain from voting for either of his friends. It could all come down to a tiebreaker. But If Owen had to vote he'd probably vote with Duncan for Alejandro.

Al Duncan Australia

You're so gone.

Sweden Sour

Winner: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Alejandro

Reason: A reward challenge but whatever. This time for sure Duncan could get Owen's vote 100%. Alejandro would be lucky had it been an elimination.
He is a sucker

Psst buddy. You want to vote off that handsome jerk?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Winner: Toxic Rats

Eliminated: Scott

Reason: This is assuming Scott didn't find the idol yet. Due to being a newcomer to the team and generally untrustable guy, Cameron and Mike will both vote for him, Anne Maria also seemed to be angry at Scott during the episode, either way Zoey votes, Scott's gone.


Don't vote for me, Don't vote for me, Don't vote for me....

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Winner: Mutant Maggots

Eliminated: Lightning

Reason: Obviously with two teammates left, they'll go to a tiebreaker. Jo would win 100% with Lightning's condition at the end of the episode after getting attacked by crocidlies.

Lghtning croc

What Lightning doesn't know is that Jo hired these crocs to attack him.