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  • Your Highness, Mo

    Okay so this blog is going to be kinda weird. I'm just going to go through episodes and analyze who would have gone home had the other team won immunity instead. Let's just see where this goes. I'll take requests as well but only for TDI atm,

    (I apologize for my formatting beforehand)

    Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

    Winner: Killer Bass

    Eliminated: Beth

    Reason: This one is an easy one. She was the only one who wouldn't jump for her team and easily could be blamed for her team's lost. Heather also hasn't made the biggest impact to her other teammates...yet.

    The Big Sleep

    Winner: Killer Bass

    Eliminated: Owen

    Reason: Yeah this may likely be Owen. He was the first person to fall asleep both on his team and the whole competition. While Heather also may be …

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  • Your Highness, Mo

    When RBW's elimination game ended I thought of doing one of the opposite. This elimination blog will be made out of protagonists from TDI all the way to TDRR. Who's going to win? That's your decision.

    . No Socks

    . Vote once every 24 hours

    . Please specifiy when voting. Ex: Gwen (TDAS) or Zoey (TDRI)

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