Hey guys......just had a bit of a thought. It's probably been said alreafy (if it has i'm sorry)

Has anyone thought of Chris and Chef being contestants in the show? I mean, it's pretty obvious why they'd takes part in the first place and i'm sure the writers could have tonens of fun using these two.

Chris and Chef would either be on the show for plenty of reasons. The most obvious of them is him being jealous because of the fact that he wasn't assigned to host the show. So he decides to bring Chef along and enters the show so he can get a little more screen time. Another reason could be because he hasn't got enough money to produce the next season of Total Drama, so he uses the competition as a means of getting some.

There are probably better reasons than this but these are all i've got so far. Lemme know what you guys think.

P.S Maybe Chris could have other partners....Topher and Blaineely perhaps?

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