Ladies and Gentlemen, YoungEezy27 is back with another blog but this one is an open suggestion.....lets get this very popular so even the makers od TDPI can see this.....

I know it would sound like a boring ending but....what if? There was a 3rd alternate ending which ended in Sky and Shawn both emerging from the Avalanche before the finish line!

What if? Dave and Jasmine got to split the money? Most likely is that Jasmine would have split that with Shawn... and Dave would burn the money, that's a possibility...

What if? Sky cried her eyes out after her loss and Dave felt sorry for her and didn't burn the money?

What If.......Chris was a ***** and came in the helicopter with Keith and he fought with Dave?

Now the last one was a bit absurd at the end.....but still? what are your thought? Leave some comments and i'll see you in my next blog...

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