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    A news about Total Drama

    March 18, 2017 by YonaDB

    Hi. A few weeks ago, A guy opened a petition for Total Drama to be renewed for a new season. Later, he received a email from Christine Thompson saying that they were working for a new season of Total Drama AND Ridonculous Race

    And that they need a greenlit for the series to be renewed. I think the creators are planning something; Since this year marks the tenth anniversary of the series. So, Do you think Total Drama will be renewed for a new season?

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  • YonaDB

    Hello. many of these users are fans of Total Drama. even several, created their own characters. you can upload a photo of your characters and describe. I would love to see your characters. I hope this post can be accepted by the users

    (All these characters were created by me)

    (coming soon)

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    Total Drama: Lost Island

    October 19, 2014 by YonaDB

    {{Season | image = TDLIlogo.png | country =

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