• Yaxha

    TD, No Heather~

    September 1, 2014 by Yaxha

    Ezekiel places 23rd
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Harold places 22nd
    Reason: Eva's MP3 player is not stolen. Harold would of been targeted for being useless

    Noah places 21st
    Reason: Same as canon.

    DJ places 20th
    Reason: DJ performs instead of Harold, and messes up. Harold does not win for his team.

    Katie places 19th
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Tyler places 18th
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Izzy places 17th
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Eva places 16th
    Reason: Gopher's would of never imploded, therefore Bass's would've most likely lost, and Eva was on the outs anyhow.

    Beth places 15th
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Sadie places 14th
    Reason: Same as canon.

    Lindsay places 13th
    Reason: Sucked at the Challenge, Bass wouldn't have been distracted by Harold/Courtney.

    Owen places 12th
    Reason: Failed to help in the Challenge, Bass would …

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