• XxTurtleTommyxX

    Well my first blog.

    October 21, 2009 by XxTurtleTommyxX

    Today in Gym I started swimming. Normally i lvoe swimming but half the guys in my class are wearing speedos.... Gross. Though on the bright side I get to see my hot girlfriend rocking the two peice I got her in june ;). Relating to school we got creamed on Friday in our football game. Not surpised with 2 of our running backs out on injury and with me as quaterback... Seriously guys I cannot throw worth s**t and apperntly our Quaterback cant play becuase his finger is "Broken" He needs to grow a pair I've played the last 3 games with a broken finger and im not complaining. Anyway thats my first blog where you get a little bit of a look into my life :D

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