Hello, and welcome back one of Solar's important blogs, which all of the Total Drama fandom should pay attention to. Many fans would like to see an LGBT contestant in the show, and while you could imply that Noah and Brick are flamboyant homosexuals, there's really not much to base your claims on. But, I think Total Drama: Pahkitew Island will have our first confirmed gay contestant, not including that disgusting freak otherwise known as rectangle head Topher.

Now, let's take a look back on something important that Fresh TV. posted on the refresh blog not so long ago. Take a look at the photo over here . If you take a look, they posted this picture, with all of them wearing pink clothing. This obviously shows their support for Pink day, but I know that there is a further meaning as to why they directly chose to modify the picture with the Pahkitew Island cast. 

"International Day of Pink is a chance for communities to come together and show solidarity against bullying and raise awareness of homophobia, transphobia and all forms of discrimination."

"The diverse casts of Total Drama have served to show that an individual should be judged by their words and their actions, not by ethnicity, body type, romantic preferences or anything else."

This cannot be a concidence. This directly implies that they are supporting awareness for discriminaiton against certain sexualities, and why they are choosing to change the picture for our new cast, is because one of them is not hetereosexual. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's deduce who this could possibly be.

Recently, some of the episode titles were leaked here . Now, this can provide a range of spoilers, such as Scarlett potentially making the final five, and a twin elimination. But let's look closer at one of the episode titles, Break Back Mountain. It references the movie, Brokeback Mountain. What's the coincidence? It's a movie about two gay men, and it features a fictional mountain, Brokeback Mountain. The challenge for Break Back Mountain sounds quite physical like climbing a mountain, and references an LGBT movie, so it implies that one of our tougher contestants is gay, which narrows it down.

So, who could it be? Sky? Jasmine? Rodney? 

But, I know the answer.

You all remember the picture that Webkinz's linked here? It featured a full cast picture leaked from the databse. Why don't you all take a closer look at it? It looks generic, don't you think? Well, I have some shocking evidence to show how this proves which contestant is gay.

Focus on Jasmine. Could she be gay? She fits the desciption of being a tough lesbian. But, take a closer look. She's swinging on a vine, and staring down in a certain location. Samey's breasts. This obviously shows that Jasmine is attracted to them. But here's some more evidence. Look at her hands. Speculate as to what they could be. Water balloons! She's obviously trying to wet a certain part of her shirt, and have a smexy Wet T-Shirt contest. 

Well, there you have it. We finally have a confirmed gay cast member. Thank you for reading.

Is Jasmine really gay?

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