Okay, okay. I know this is a little late since Pahkitew Island ended. But I was thinking about the TDAS elimination order, and honestly, I kind of, well, dislike it. I do agree with small parts of it, which is why I kept some of them eliminations the same. So, here's my way. Remember, these are MY opinions. But feel free to put your thoughts in the comment section.


14th place - Cameron

In the challenge, Courtney makes Lindsay pull the baby carriage. The Heroic Hamters end up losing the challenge. As Courtney and Lindsay are the bottom two, Cameron stands up and announces that he is quitting, since he made the finale in the previous season.

Tdas 2

13th place - Lightning

The Villianous Vultures think that Lightning is not focused on the challenge, but more on his looks. They decide to vote him out.

Tdas 3

12th place - Jo

The Vultures decide between Heather or Jo to vote out. They each decide on Jo and vote her out of the competition.

Tdas 4

11th place - Sam

Sam was found cheating in the challenge, and is kicked off immediately.

Tdas 5

10th place - Lindsay

In this challenge, the Heroes lose, and they intentionally vote off Lindsay, assuming that she is the weakest player on the team.


9th place - Sierra

The Heroes lose once again, and as like the real episode, the Vultures choose Sierra to get eliminated.


8th place - Duncan

Before the merge, Chris wants the Villians to vote out a player, since they outnumber the Heroes 5-3. The Villians decide to vote off Duncan.

Tdas 8



7th place - Alejandro

The contestants must save Chris. In the end, Gwen wins immunity, and as a reward for saving him, Chris lets her choose the eliminated player. She chooses Alejandro.


6th place - Heather

The remaining contestants see Heather as the biggest threat, and decided it's time to vote her out.


5th place - Zoey

In the Sundae challenge, everyone had eaten their Sundaes except for Zoey. In the end, she was booted off.


4th place - Scott

Mike wins this challenge, and his reward is getting to pick the eliminated player. He decides to vote off Scott, since he assumes Scott is the only "real villian", since Scott has been a villian since Day 1 of AS.


3rd - Gwen

Gwen had screwed up the Chris painting, (but did not put poop on it as a replacement, because poop jokes and Total Drama don't mix imo), so Chris eliminates her from the competition.




Mike's ending (Canada)

In the finale, Courtney chooses Alejandro and Scott as her helpers, and Mike chooses Zoey and Gwen. As Courtney is close to the finish, Gwen stops her from making it. Mike then climbs to the top, pulls out the sword, and wins TDAS.

Mike Wins

Courtney's ending (America)

In the finale, Courtney chooses Alejandro and Scott as her helpers, and Mike chooses Zoey and Gwen. Courtney and Mike end up side by side, fightning to get to the top. As they are climbing, Scott grabs Mike and pulls him down. Courtney then races to the top and pulls out the sword, winning TDAS.


That's about all! Remember, I'd love to hear everyone's opinions in the comments! Also, do you agree with my Final 2? If not, who would you want in the TDAS Finale?

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