Uh hi, you don't know me. Here's a list

Number 6: Total Drama All Stars


I really wanted to like this season. After I was left craving a bit more by ROTI, I was ready for this. But it was so bad. I consider this to be the only bad season of the show. The big problem is the fact that this is really just the Mike and Friends show. Seriously, did we have other characters besides Mike, Zoey, and Generic the villan AKA Mal? Sigh... If I had to pick a favorite episode, it would be the Island Race episode, as it got rid of Duncan, something I never thought I would say

Number 5: Total Drama Revenge Of The Island


Unlike the general majority of people, I do like this season. It may be iffy at points, but I really think this is a good season. People hate this season for the cast. Personally, they were alright. They were not horrible like a lot of people said, and they were a bresh of fresh air. My favorite episode would have to be... Grand Chef Auto? I consider this season the uh... Revolution? It is not as good as the next 4, but it is, in my heart, a good season :)

Number 4: Total Drama Action

Put your guns down, I can explain. I do like this season a lot, but it is not one of my favorites. My favorite part is the Movie Theme, as a theater nut, it appeals to me. My favorite episode is the Murder Train episode.  Why is it this low, you may ask? There is one reason. Courtney. Courtney is one of the worst Total Drama villans, being beaten by Original The Character AKA Mal. She had good moments, but she was not a good villan compared to Heather from the last season. 

Number 3: Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Pahkitew Island Logo
After All Stars single handedly destroyed my faith in the show, this season brought it back. My favorite part of the show is the cast. I think this cast is what we needed. The ROTI Cast had used all the potential it could muster, and the Original cast... I'll talk about that some other time. My favorite episode is Scarlet Fever. I think this season is what ROTI was always ment to be. I may like ROTI, but this is what I think a revolution can be.

Number 2: Total Drama Island

We are now at the best of the best. I think these last two seasons are as good as eachother, I just prefer one over the other. This is what started the Legend, and I think it is spectacular. My favorite part of this season is how much calmer it is than the other seasons, and of course, the interactions. My favorite episode is the Psycho chef episode. I love this season.

Number 1: Total Drama World Tour

This is an obvious choice, but let me say why I like it. My favorite part of this season is the Scope. It is an awesome journey going across the world, something I won't forget. My favorite episode would have to be the finale, Hawian Punch. If this was the end of Total Drama, I would be fine with it. This was truly awesome.

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