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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Goodbye... for now.

    August 5, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    No, this is not a leaving blog. In a few hours, I'll be heading to the airport and heading to Japan, so I'll be inactive for a little while. Although, if they have Wi-Fi down there, then I'll make an edit a day or something like that. So, I'll see you guys when I get back. Bye, my pretties.

    --XoTulleMorXo ♥talk and contributions♥

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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Normally, I would go to the IRC for something this minor. But, anyway, someone's birthday is today, but, I'm not sure whose it is. I don't really know this user, but their name is XoTulleMorXo (what kind of name is that? :/). If anybody knows where this girl is, be sure to tell her happy birthday for me. (Pretty random for all the stuff that's happening lately.) Well, see ya later.

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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Everyone else is doing this, so I guess I should try it.

    1. Put your library on shuffle.
    2. Post the first line from each of the first 30 songs it plays.
    3. Make people guess. NO CHEATING!
    4. Bold it out when someone gets it.
    5. If you know it, feel free to reply!

    1. You say that I'm messin' with your heeead. - What The Hell - Avril Lavigne
    2. Your unfeeling heart imprisons me. - Trap of Love - Grey DeLisle
    3. First I was afraid, I was petrified. - I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
    4. You had it all, the day you told me, told me you want me. - Beggin' On Your Knees - Victoria Justice
    5. There's a fire starting in my heart. - Rolling in the Deep - Adele
    6. Let me introduce you to my party people. - On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
    7. And they're playing guitars with stars in their eyes on broa…

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  • XoTulleMorXo

    IRC Break.

    May 18, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    Well, it looks like for now I'm going to have to stop using the IRC.

    I've recently received a warning about a virus from the IRC, so for now, until I can figure this out, I won't be on the IRC anymore. If anyone has any ideas on how I could escape this, feel free to tell me. For now, I'll still be here on the wiki.

    Update: There's nothing really to worry about now. I have it under control, however, I'd like to stay off of it, due to my inquisitive nature. I'll visit the IRC from time to time, but if you ever want to talk, just go to Wikia Chat. I'll go there if you asked me to.

    --XoTulleMorXo ♥talk and contributions♥ 06:00, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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  • XoTulleMorXo

    One Year Ago...

    May 7, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    ... I didn't expect myself to still be here. Well, today is May 7th, meaning it is my wiki-versary. Upon first joining, I thought I would have left by now, but I enjoy it here so much, I never found myself ever thinking about quitting. A lot has happened in a year: I have quite a lot of friends, I was promoted, and I was able to help the wiki grow during season three. And, I think that's just about it, thank you for reading.

    --XoTulleMorXo (Talk and Contributions♥) 02:57, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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