I'm here to discuss theories about one of the Ridonculous Race teams; The Goth aka Crimson and Ennui.

I know only ONE episode has been showed, but as far as any of us concerned, we don't know ANYTHING about the Goths. All they did were standing idly and blinking creepily. (BTW, they WERE blinking like normal people. You just can't see the top of their eyes)

They were only team in the first episode to have no confessional and received an INV1 edgic for both members. Silent people like them usually leave the game early. Just take a look at Justin and B.

So, why am I talking about them? Well, first off, they have voice actors. Crimson would be voiced by Stacey who was known for voicing Emma. And there's Ennui who'd be voiced by Carter aka Noah's voice. That's mean they WILL speak at some point during the season.

Another thing is that two staffs, Julie and Christine has have said they like them. I'm not entirely sure it would imply the Goths to make it far in the game. Production teams tend to lie to avoid spoilers. BUT! The Goths must've done something enough for the staffs to like them. (They do have cool designs)

Those two facts have made me believe there’s something compelling about them. Scarlett became compelling by being UTR for several episodes and then revealed her true nature later on.

I think the Goths are PRETENDING to be Goths to hide their true personalities. I’m not talking about evil personalities, just different. This clue has appeared when apparently; a blonde hair team had been confirmed. None of the teams comprised blonde teammates. Maybe the Goths have dyed their hairs completely to hide every string of yellow hair.

Perhaps they were smarts as the Geniuses and their strategies were to hide their true potential, stay UTR and always finished in the last third. No one could target them as threats and would only be regarded as creepy, unsettling pair. That could explained why they were in the last flight. They were amongst the first group to enter the elevator; they should’ve been in the second flight at the latest. And yet, somehow, they were running with the last group and ended up on the last flight. I think they waited until the last group had arrived at the top of the tower.

And one more thing, if they’d be heroic, they could be the secret main protagonists. The Best Friends could be seen as Decoy Protagonists to hide the Goths. But everything here is just my theories. What do you think? Has I changed your thought on the Goths? Please comment to me about it!

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