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    I'm here to discuss theories about one of the Ridonculous Race teams; The Goth aka Crimson and Ennui.

    I know only ONE episode has been showed, but as far as any of us concerned, we don't know ANYTHING about the Goths. All they did were standing idly and blinking creepily. (BTW, they WERE blinking like normal people. You just can't see the top of their eyes)

    They were only team in the first episode to have no confessional and received an INV1 edgic for both members. Silent people like them usually leave the game early. Just take a look at Justin and B.

    So, why am I talking about them? Well, first off, they have voice actors. Crimson would be voiced by Stacey who was known for voicing Emma. And there's Ennui who'd be voiced by Carter aka Noah's…

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