Running Gags

  • Alejandro telling Bridgette that Geoff and Lindsay are flirting with each other.
  • Mike's Personality Mal taking over Mike.
  • Scott faking his injuries.
  • Eva blaiming things on Bridgette.
  • Scott having bad interactions with Fang.
  • Sierra obsessed with Cody.


Episode 1 - The Trivia Introduction (Airdate: 2013)

After, season one and Scott and Alejandro battled it out this season they are back and Zoey and Leshawna also new campers. Chris introduces everyone by Chef throwing all of them out of the airforce plane. The campers all fall into the dark forest and so Chris forms the teams. Trent, Cody, Brick, Mike, Zoey, Leshawna, and Sierra are team Villianous Snakes and Alejandro, Scott, Izzy, Eva, Lindsay, Geoff, and Bridgette are formed as the Dangerous Eagles. The challenge is that the campers have to do a trivia quiz of season one of total drama Cody and Scott are picked to do the challenge for the team. Cody wins the challenge first for his team. Meanwhile, Scott is depressed that Courtney is not there with him in the season. Dangerous Eagles are the first team to go up for elimination and they vote Scott as the first person of season two. Meanwhile, In Mike's brain Mal is starts to take over and Chris annouces that the other team this season is the peanut gallery and get to exile someone and then he says that the person that is eliminated in this season gets redemption so, Scott is exiled first.

Dangerous Eagles Voting

  • Alejandro Votes: Scott
  • Scott Votes: Alejandro
  • Izzy Votes: Scott
  • Eva Votes: Scott
  • Lindsay Votes: Herself
  • Geoff Votes: Scott
  • Bridgette Votes: Scott


Episode 2 - The Sleeping Ugly (Airdate: 2013)

In the Villainous Snakes girl cabin Lindsay and Izzy are scared to wake up Eva and so they wake her up with a stick after Chris on the loud speaker is calling everyone down to the campfire area for the challenge Lindsay pokes the stick on Eva and it wakes Eva up throwing Izzy and Lindsay out the window screaming. The other campers hear the screams and yells and go to the cabin were Eva is throwing the other girls stuff, and Leshawna remarks in reply "Man, that White Girl and throw!" Izzy and Lindsay go back in the cabin and explain to Eva they were only trying to wake up Eva for the challenge and Eva forgives them and brings Izzy over to her saying that they can't trust the other campers, so they form the first alliance in the season. Meanwhile, Bridgette wakes up in Alejandro arms and he explains that Geoff and Lindsay are getting in a fake relationship and trying to make Bridgette jealous and Geoff is holding Lindsay up to check she's okay 


Alejandro threatens Mal to tell Eva about her MP3 player

and Bridgette gets angry and confronts Geoff and Alejandro starts laughing and then turns around seeing Mal go into Eva's cabin breaking her MP3 and so Alejandro threatens him but it back fires with Mal breaking his wrist. Alejandro then gets angry and pushes him off saying "This is the last wrist you will ever break!". Making Mal and Alejandro a conflict in episode two. Zoey sees Mal and stops him from hurting Alejandro and then Mal warns her to stay away. Meanwhile, Trent and Cody are talking about how Gwen is so hot and Cody asks if Trent is ever going to get back together with her and Trent replies no and Geoff comes along and starts talking too and then suggest an alliance together and Brick asks if he could join after talking to Cody. And Geoff replies in yes. When everyone goes to the campfiresite Chris explains the challenge is a sleeping contest the contestants first are forced to eat turkey and then they have to stay awake all night long without going to sleep. Three hours into the challenge Eva talks to Geoff about not trusting Bridgette and she's evil and Trent backs him up not trusting Eva. Meanwhile, Mal offers a favor to make an alliance with Alejandro to make it to the finals tog

Eva warning Geoff about Bridgette and she's not trusted.

ether and in the confessional he laughs and says "He's so willing for a alliance!". Alejandro makes the deal and starts convincing Geoff is flirting with Lindsay again and it makes Bridgette angry. Brick watches it and listens to it and then gets sleepy and in the confessional he says Lindsay isn't next to Geoff at all. And Brick gets the idea Alejandro is trying to get rid of Geoff and Bridgette.

Alejandro and Mal try to manipulate Bridgette while Brick watches the whole thing.

And so, Brick confronts Alejandro and threatens him. Sierra and Cody are almost sleeping and Sierra is trying to wake up Cody though they both start going to sleep. Zoey then comes and is angry at Mal (Mike) make a deal with Alejandro. Mike in his brain is trying to get Mal back and so Mike defeats Mal and Mike wakes up sleeping and is out the competiton and Lindsay is the second out the challenge. At the end of the episode Eva wins the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony Brick tells Mike and Alejandro can't be trusted and so Zoey agrees looking at the necklace that Mike gave her and says that Mike is going to be eliminated. In the end, Mike is eliminated. Also, in the end Brick starts talking to Bridgette and tells her that Alejandro is not trusted and is trying to eliminate her and Bridgette doesn't by it stating Brick just wants to save Geoff. Mike is the second person to go on Boney Island.

Villainous Snakes Voting

  • Zoey Votes: Mal (Mike)
  • Cody Votes: Sierra
  • Sierra Votes: Mal (Mike)
  • Brick Votes: Mal (Mike)
  • Trent Votes: Mal (Mike)
  • Leshawna Votes: Mal (Mike)
  • Mike Votes: Sierra

Episode 3 - Wrestle Mania! (Airdate: 2013)

At Boney Island Scott and Mike start to fight without Mike not even knowing how he got there he starts to fight Mike. Scott punches Mike and then Mal comes back and kicks Scott and hurts him and then once again Mike returns and with Scott being weak punches Mike and he goes down and Scott wins and returns to the show with bandages on him.

In the Villainous Snakes boys cabin, Cody is sleeping and wakes up with Sierra holding onto him and he gets scared and confronts Sierra asking why is she obessed with him and she replies that they have to stick together.

Scott returns to the island with Trent stopping him and asking him for a vote to eliminate Eva and Alejandro,

Trent makes an alliance with Scott. Which Scott is lying about making.

Scott starts to say yes and in the confessional he's faking his injury and makes a plan to get in Trent's alliance and Eva's alliance to plan Alejandro elimination and then Trent's and Eva's. Trent shakes Scott's hand with Scott fake limping he goes off and walks away.

With the contestants wondering is there going to be another redimiption Chris tells them once the merge comes and so, Chris starts explaining the challenge is that the teams will have two contestants go into the ring for their team and tag team each other during the match. Trent tells Eva about how he made an alliance with Scott to make Eva get in a alliance with Scott to eliminate him and so since Eva won the challenge last time she picks the people for her team and she picks Scott and Lindsay and Chris picks Brick and Leshawna for the other team and the teammates in the ring must fight with the other contestants from the other team.

In the Dangerous Eagles, Alejandro starts to prepare Scott and asks him for another alliance until the end  and Scott warns Alejandro to step away from him, Lindsay hears and is clueless what is happening and asks Scott what's going on with Alejandro leaving, Scott tells Lindsay about the secret alliance. 


Scott tells Lindsay about the alliance he formed with Alejandro.

In the Villainous Snakes, Leshawna and Brick are preparing for the challenge when Brick gets tired after going to sleep late and is too tired to play in the competition. Chris calls him out and he sits with his other teammates and Leshawna is scared she will lose and Eva mocks her into not winning and Leshawna gets angry and gets out the ring and starts fighting Eva. The other teammates start to cheer her on, Sierra starts

Villainous Snakes trying to cheer Leshawna on with fighting Eva. Meanwhile, Sierra and Cody just had a fight

holding onto Cody and Cody gets scared and gets angry and yells at her and making Sierra silent. and Chef breaks it up and gets Leshawna back in the ring and starts fighting Scott and Lindsay and Scott runs out the ring and Lindsay stays scared and Leshawna loses due to going out the ring for chasing Eva and Dangerous Eagles win and Chris then announces two people from the Dangerous Eagles will be eliminated.

At the elimination ceremony, Chef awards Trent, Brick, Zoey, and Cody safe and eliminate Leshawna and Sierra for the most votes. In the end of the series with Izzy gong into the forest strangly she grabs the tiki idol from season one.

Villainous Snakes Voting

  • Brick Votes: Sierra
  • Cody Votes: Sierra (Over ten times)
  • Trent Votes: Sierra
  • Zoey Votes: Sierra
  • Leshawna Votes: Sierra
  • Sierra Votes: Leshawna

Episode 4 - Let It, Snow, Let It, Snow, Let It, GO! (Airdate: 2013)

In the Villainous Snakes boys cabin Brick, Trent, and Cody start having doubts about Geoff in the alliance and Trent tells them about the alliance he made with Scott to eliminate him. Then, Brick starts getting worried about Alejandro breaking up Geoff's relationship with Bridgette to eliminate him and her and then Geoff joins and tells him about the worries for him.

Outside of the cabin it's snow and Alejandro is throwing snow balls at everyone on his team Izzy starts throwing with Eva aiming at the others on the team happy and then Bridgette comes and ruins it with crying next to Alejandro about Geoff and Lindsay and having doubts about Geoff and Alejandro lies and says that Geoff is a fool and is cheating on Bridgette, Zoey comes in and defends Bridegette telling about Alejandro is lying to her but, Bridgette believes Alejandro and walks away. Eva gets angry and gets mad and complains about her ruining everything.

Chris and Chef arrive to the scene and hopping out a sled moved by the interns and Chris starts to explain

When Alejandro is about to kiss Bridgette he leaves her stuck on a pole.

that the challenge is that the contestants must find the way to the one high cliff due to being alot of snow and not seeing they must find a way how they get there. Bridgette leads her team on and they are given a map. Bridgette and Alejandro start to kiss after Bridgette gives him the map and Alejandro throws it away and then almost kisses her but gets stuck by a pole.

Eva and Bridgette fighting about Alejandro lying saying Bridgette ripped the map up and not him.

Alejandro runs back to the team and is angry about Bridgette and lies that she destoryed the map and Eva gets angry and pulls Bridgette off the pole and yells and her and they get into a arguement, while the other team is ahead of them. With Scott faking that he's hurt and Geoff is watching Eva and Bridgette he thinks about Bridgette's relationship with him and Alejandro and gets mad and calls the relationship with Bridgette off. Meanwhile, in the other team Zoey is leading her team to the cliff and they

The Villainous Snakes race to the cliff.

win by running up to the cliff and Zoey wins and takes the lead for her team for winning after being eliminating alot of teammates.

At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro, Eva, and Bridgette are in the final three and Chris picks Eva and Alejandro and Bridgette is eliminated. Alejandro grabs the idol Scott had from season one again and tells the team he lied about Bridgette and Geoff and Lindsay and was trying to eliminate them. The peanut gallery are shocked and Bridgette slaps Alejandro and he blows her a kiss and Bridgette leaves.

Dangerous Eagles Voting

  • Alejandro Votes: Bridgette
  • Bridgette Votes: Eva and Alejandro
  • Izzy Votes: Bridgette
  • Geoff Votes: Bridgette
  • Scott Votes: Bridgette
  • Lindsay Votes: Bridgette

Episode 5 - Brunch of Nasty! (Airdate: 2013)

In the beginning of the episode, Scott is seen being chased by Fang while he's faking his injuries and Scott

Scott having a dream that Fang is chasing him while injured.

then wakes up scared with Alejandro next to him and Alejandro tells Scott about a plan he came up with to get rid of Geoff and then Lindsay. Scott offers Alejandro to do him a favor into telling everyone that Scott can't compete in challenges and Alejandro goes outside the cabin and tells everyone about Scott can't compete in the next two challenges Chris accepts, but Scott has a chance to still be eliminated. Chris brings all the campers over to the mess hall and then explains the challenge is a eating brunch and the campers must eat alot of food all day long for about just ten hours. The first five to get out will be determend what team wins and the challenge will win after that Izzy starts bragging about eating twenty fish  that are still alive in a minute and with Zoey having a weak stomach she runs to the bathroom and throws up. After Zoey is done a sasquatch starts to go in a then runs out. Zoey, due to barfing first is automatically out.

Lindsay flaming with rage after eating a hot cheetos.

Chef brings meatballs to the campers and they eat the meatballs. The next food they eat over and over are hot chetto's which makes Lindsay's mouth go flaming hot and she's the second person out. The next food is soda which is chef's fizzle soda which makes Geoff and Trent barf. Scott starts giving everything to Alejandro once he wants to get in the challenge, Alejandro is the next person out. Chef decides that the Dangerous Eagles lose because of the cheating with Scott and Chris says that the immunity idol that Alejandro has doesn't work this season. Eva starts raging "It's all Bridgette's fault since this team has gone down hill! And ALEJANDRO you suck! Including you country boy! *points at Scott* Ahhh!"

At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro tells the others about Geoff's alliance with Trent and Brick on the other team and Eva gets mad again and votes him out. Geoff complains and spills out that Scott and Trent have an alliance, making Trent angry with him and calls the alliance with Geoff is off. In the end of the episode, Geoff and Alejandro are in the bottom two and Alejandro is eliminated!

Dangerous Eagles Voting

  • Eva Votes: Geoff
  • Scott Votes: Geoff
  • Geoff Votes: Alejandro
  • Izzy Votes: Alejandro
  • Lindsay Votes: Alejandro

Episode 6 - Haunted Ahoy! (Airdate: 2013)

In the beginning of the episode which takes place in the Dangerous Eagles boys cabin at night, Scott runs into the cabin hiding behind Geoff after Fang tries to break in and Scott is not faking his injuries anymore. Scott asks Geoff about the alliance he made with Cody and Trent and Geoff replies how the alliance was with Trent and Scott gets angry and walks off with falling into Fang's traps.

Meanwhile, Trent goes to talk with Cody and Brick and tells them that the alliance with Scott was fake like he said earlier to them and they believe him and plan to eliminate Scott and Geoff. Eva and Izzy on the other cabin next to them, are listening and also make the plan into eliminating Geoff and Scott and Zoey also joins into Eva and Izzy's plan Zoey suggests going easy on them and then eliminate them and Eva finds it lame and then gets the idea into getting a friendship with Brick and then also eliminating him and Zoey accept the idea, meanwhile Izzy starts goofing off and Zoey suggests to Eva to eliminate her also and Eva agrees.

In the beginning of the challenge, Chris explains why the challenge is at night is because the campers must go throw a graveyard to haunted forest and that they have to be careful or the traps chef made will bring you back to the headquaters were Chris watches them and Chris will be there and Chef. Ezekiel pops out of the bushes and scares everyone Chris and Chef leave fast and the campers run into the graveyard with there team.


The Villainous Snakes

Once, Dangerous Eagles takes the lead Scott falls into a trap after Fang, starts to chase him again and he trips on a wire. that Chef 


Eva and Brick bump into each other and start flirting together

makes and falls into the headquaters first. With Lindsay saying to Scott while he's falling bye, and Ezekiel jumps out and gets Geoff Tyler and Eva remarks he's not in the game in this season and hits Ezekiel. Then, Lindsay remembers that Scott said that he was in an alliance with Alepenyo was trying to eliminate Eva or she says maybe Tyler! Eva gets angry and suggest everyone to try to get Scott out next. And then Lindsay and the other team campers Zoey, Cody and Trent get into traps and fall into the headquaters. With Brick scared of the dark, He runs and bumps into Eva. Eva remembers her plan with the girls and starts flirting with Brick and Brick gets shy and blushes at Eva and compailments her. Eva gets kind of shy and blushes and then 


The Dangerous Eagles, after Scott falls and Lindsay tells the others that Scott wanted Eva to be eliminated.

runs with Brick to end of the haunted forest, Brick wins and hugs Eva and with Eva happy and in the confessional she starts blushing asking if she has a crush on him and then gets though again.

At the elimination ceremony, Scott is eliminated and exited with Eva punching him in the face and then he leaves with saying we saw you and Brick and Chef, Chris and the rest of the campers except Eva and Brick start laughing.

Dangerous Eagles Voting

  • Geoff Votes: Scott
  • Eva Votes: Scott
  • Scott Votes: Eva
  • Izzy Votes: Scott
  • Lindsay Votes: Scott

Episode 7 - Diving Flopping Loser Fish (Airdate: 2013)

In the beginning of the episode Chris announces that there's no more teams and it's the merge, Cody thinks this is the right time to ask Zoey for an alliance so he c

Zoey tires to lighten the mood when Brick and Eva start arguing.

an talk with her about what Gwen likes. Eva gets relieved by the merge because this is the first time she's actally gotten far in total drama. Trent is happy and without Geoff in the alliance Cody, Brick, and Trent plan to eliminate him if they lose a challenge. Brick tells the others, that he has a crush on Eva, with Cody in the confessional he gets worried about voting him off. Chris also explains that he cancelled the redimpiton and is eliminating two contestants to the competion first starting with Izzy. Izzy gets angry and then runs into the forest with Ezekiel. Chris also eliminates Lindsay and she gets into the boat of losers and leaves. Chris then explains the challenge is that campers will have to swim across the lake back to the dock and be careful or maybe the sharks will get them. Meanwhile, Eva's angry about the rumors and Zoey tries to lighten the mood but it doesn't work.

Fang pops out to get Zoey. While, Cody is trying to save Zoey.

Zoey and Eva jump into the water together thinking of eliminating Trent because he's the mastermind of the boys alliance. Geoff jumps into the water by himself. Eva and Zoey split up and Fang jumps up and tries to get Zoey while Cody is frezzing cold and tries to save Zoey and in the end Zoey saves Cody out of the water. Chris announces Zoey and Cody the winners of the challenge. Eva gets to the dock and then Trent and Geoff, and later Brick. Chef then says there's no elimination.

Episode 8 - The Final 6's Rankings (Airdate: 2014)

Chris explains to the final six that one person will be eliminated by fellow old competitors, Alejandro, Duncan, Heather, Courtney, and Scott will have to decide on who should be eliminated after all of the final six have to make a five star desert food that is good enough for everyone who came back to eat. And the one that is the worst will be decided by the returning judges and that person will be eliminated.

Alejandro is seen next to Heather, scared to see her again after he left her in the desert in the last season, Duncan gets punched by Courtney after there rivaling got the best of them when they both left in season one. Scott is just sitting angry after, Courtney is more focused on Duncan.

Eva and Cody start working on there dishes with Eva angry at the judges for fighting while there suppose to judge, Trent is starting to work on his but falls next to Zoey on purpose to make her lose, Zoey gets back up and starts working on her food, after Brick and Eva's relationship goes south, Eva helps him with his food while his hand is brused. Geoff is the last person to start working on his food. Meanwhile, Chef is yelling at the judges to shut up after fighting. Alejandro punches Duncan in the face hard leaving Duncan going to the ER.

The Judges start to exaim the food and Brick is unable to compete leaving Brick to be eliminated and Eva having the worst dish of food ever making Brick and Eva both eliminated and Trent, Geoff, Cody, and Zoey going to the final three. As the show goes on Cody and Trent learn that half on their alliance is in the finals, and that they need to get rid of former member of alliance to be eliminated Geoff and also Zoey.

Episode 9 - Do Not Question My Genuients! (Airdate: 2014)

Trent, Cody, and Zoey plan to get rid of annoying Geoff and his sceams about the alliance he used to have and betraying Trent they all realize he should be eliminated. Geoff listens as they talk about him and goes into the confessional and brags about all they talk about is him and he starts to get annoyed. Chris explains the challenge is going to be hosted by Chef since Chris leaves to the award show, Chef tells the campers to look brave as they will all have to search for Ezekiel and give him to the interns. Even if they have to go high lengths.

Zoey and Cody go searching at the cave that Ezekiel lived in long time ago and start searching from there. Geoff is annoyed when he goes searching with former alliance member Trent which he only decides to throw the challenge to eliminate Geoff. Zoey and Cody bump into Trent and Geoff after they all spot Ezekiel on top of a tree. Zoey climbs up but fails and almost falls and Trent catches her and Zoey blushes in love even though she's also thinking about Mike. Geoff chases Ezekiel though fails and hits a tree and falls on his back. Cody finally catches Ezekiel and leads him in a cage. Cody and Zoey win and Trent and Geoff are up for elimination. Geoff is eliminated.

Episode 10 - Racing, Motor, Go! (Airdate: 2014)

In the beginning of the episode, Zoey, Cody, and Trent are getting ready for a challenge and Zoey has a go cart and Trent has a baby carriage and Cody has Sierra as there racing motors. Zoey races up the creek area first with Sierra and Cody in the lead and Trent second place. Chris then ends the challenge and looks into the camera asking who to vote for after Zoey finishes last and is eliminated. CODY WINS! :D


Vote Trent or Cody?! And Vote Who Should Be In Season 3? (Remember Season 3 can have your characters in it too!)

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