Episode 1 - Finders Campers


Chris introduces the first episode

In the beginning of the episode Chris explains the season finale of season six before he starts the episode. After recaping the season finale he introduces the contestants. Chris then presses the explode button and explodes the boat making all the contestants fall into the woods. Zoey then asks how are they supposed to find the camp. Meanwhile, Alejandro falls into a stall. After, Zoey asks Chris explains to everyone the challenge is to find the camp. Chris also makes the teams Alejandro, Scott, Heather, Beth, and DJ as the Killer Gophers and Duncan, Zoey, Leshawna, Courtney, and Ezekiel in the Screaming Bass. And, gives Zoey and map and a compass to find the camp for her team for asking.

Total Drama Disaster Episode 1 (Finders Planters) Campers Abandonned

All the campers after being abandon.

 Meanwhile, Alejandro is alone in the wilderness the team catches up to him and Alejandro explains how he got there. On the other team, Ezekiel breaks the compass and rips the map on purpose and the team loses where there supposed to go, Leshawna and Courtney make an alliance on Courtney's watch to eliminate Duncan after Total Drama All-Stars. Ezekiel is eliminated later in the episode.

Screaming Bass Voting

Total Drama Disaster Episode 1 (Finders Planters) Killer Gophers
  • Duncan Votes: Ezekiel
  • Courtney Votes: Duncan
  • Leshawna Votes: Ezekiel
  • Zoey Votes: Ezekiel
  • Ezekiel Votes: Duncan


  • First Interaction with Alejandro and DJ complaining in this season.
    • Alejandro also had a conflict with Scott and Heather in this episode.
  • This is Scott's first episode with No interaction with girlfriend courtney in this episode.
  • Duncan has no lines in this episode.

Episode 2 - The Campers Man Cave 2013!

In the beginning of the episode, Chris explains last week's episode. Meanwhile, Alejandro, Scott, and DJ make an alliance against the rest of the team to vote out the girls thinking they are not trusted. Chris calls all the campers to meet him at the camp area outside and explains the challenge is supposed to be the teams will go into the caves to find a golden chris statue but they have to be careful or Chef will catch team and get them and the last two people from each team most battle it out in getting the golden chris statue. The killer gophers start to head into the cave and not noticing meanwhile Beth tries to enter the cave and Chef catches her first. Then, DJ is the first on to notice it and gets scared while Scott scares him and Alejandro and Heather start talking about there relationship and gets Heather mad after Alejandro says "Your pitty for me is to die for!"
Total Drama Disaster Episode 2 Team 01

Killer Gophers going into the cave searching. Without Beth.

DJ starts screaming while Scott still is scaring him, Then the others also start to notice Beth is gone.

Meanwhile on Screaming Bass. Courtney is still trying to control her team and makes Duncan the understudy guard and just stays there by the cave entering. Leshawna and Courtney then walk off with Zoey and tells her about the alliance and Zoey thinks it's wrong and Courtney's mean. Courtney doesn't listen and shakes Zoey's hand. Later on Zoey goes back to Duncan with Leshawna and gets Duncan and Chef snatches them. Courtney is the only one left for her team.

Later on in the Killer Gophers and Heather and Alejandro start making plan to start another alliance all according to Alejandro's plan to eliminate his team in having two alliance. DJ and Scott later go alone and split up with the others and get caught. Back with Alejandro and Heather, Heather just got captured too and Courtney and Alejandro meet up and are close to the idol (Chris Statue). Courtney jumps onto Alejandro and Courtney grabs the statue and wins the first challenge for her team. The captured contestants are freed and Duncan hugs Courtney and she feels happy and kisses him even though hating him. Scott gets angry and confronts Courtney.

At the elimination ceremony since Alejandro was almost close into winning he gets to decide who to eliminate and he picks DJ. Even though Scott and DJ were hoping he would eliminate one of the girls and betrayed them. DJ leaves second.


  • Duncan and Courtney finally make up again!
  • Even though DJ only screamed and shook Scott and Alejandro's hand in this episode he had no lines except "Deal" and "You betrayed me!" He had no other lines
  • Alejandro makes two alliances in this episode.

Episode 3 - Surviving with Cliff Hangers!

The episode starts taking place after the elimination ceremony! Alejandro walks off without seeing DJ leave and goes into the cabin to dicuss with Heather. Heather walks into the cabin wondering what is Scott talking about alliance with Alejandro and Scott. Alejandro then explains it's one big lie. With, Heather in the confessinal not trusting him. Later that night, Chef throws smoke bombs into the cabins making everyone sleepy.

The campers wake up on a cliff and Scott wakes up onto the edge and falls into the shark infested area of the lake.
Total Drama Disaster Episode 3

The campers wake up and Scott falls into the lake.

Then Chris explains the challenge is for one camper of each team to go down into the lake at a time to find a key. Then come back up on top of the cliff. An, once they find five keys try them out to open the Hotel Spa and the winners must pick one person from the team and the other team to be exiled to boney island first!

Alejandro accepts the challenge and jumps into the water and Heather falls into the water also too find a key even though Chris said one at a time for each group. Meanwhile, Fang spots Scott and starts chasing him. Courtney jumps into the water with Scott choking into the water and saves him and protects him fro the shark and gets a key, while Scott swims back with a key in his mouth that he choked on. Duncan and Zoey form an alliance with Leshawna over hearing and Heather overhearing while she walks back up the cliff. Duncan gets pushed down after Leshawna overhears about the alliance and tells Courtney about while walking back up with a key. Duncan searches for a key while Alejandro pushes him into the water while finding one and Alejandro gets trapped from Fang and Duncan snatches back his key and Alejandro's and swims back to shore. Meanwhile, Beth is to sad to play since DJ was eliminated. With Killer Gophers having one and Screaming Bass having three keys, Chris decides to end the challenge with a twist whoever has the most keys wins and once again Courtney and this time Duncan win for the team.


Scott running away from Fang while other campers start swimming.

At the end of the episode elimination, Screaming Bass decides to exile Courtney when she complains wanting to go and Leshawna getting annoyed. And also they decide to exile Scott, but before they go they vote. And the votes are mostly Beth and she is eliminated from the show. 

Beth is eliminated.

At, Boney Island later that night, Courtney finds a tiki idol and keeps it and ends the episode with the tiki idol glowing red. And Alejandro in confessional changing the votes againist Heather.

Killer Gophers Voting

  • Alejandro Votes: Heather
  • Heather Votes: Alejandro (Changed to Beth)
  • Scott Votes: Alejandro (Changed to Beth)
  • Beth Votes: Alejandro (Changed to Beth)


  • Even though Duncan and Courtney made up last episode they still have a conflict problem
  • This is the first episode Fang is in.
  • Chef has no lines.

Episode 4 - Feelings of New Arrivals and a Stranded Forest!

The beginning of episode takes place first at boney island with Courtney tripping and falling while Scott is worried that she has bad luck since she grabbed a tiki idol. Scott explains that he's worried about what happened to Beth and DJ's bad luck could happen to her and Courtney doesn't listen and so Scott walks off to the other part of the island looking for the immunity idol. Chef then takes them back to Boney Island.

At the cabins, Courtney arrives and Courtney and Leshawna start fighting about events that happened yesterday about her wanting to be exiled and pity becoming the team leader and Duncan overhears and breaks it up before Leshawna starts trying to fight her. Courtney then calls off the alliance and Alejandro overhears also in intrest for a another alliance. Duncan then meets up with Zoey and tells her that Leshawna and Courtney just ened their alliance.

Chris interupts on the inercom and annouces two new campers will arrive to the camp and Gwen and Justin arrive. Duncan gets nervous to tell about him getting back together with Gwen after the show in front of Courtney after they made up. Gwen arrives kissing Duncan and Courtney gets angry after Duncan told her tthat they are not together anymore. Gwen gets angry and walks off after knowing. Scott gets angry at Courtney for caring about Duncan and walks off sad. 

Duncan gets scared when Courtney and Gwen start to argue over Duncan.

Justin arrives and confronts Alejandro "We should have a alliance the two hot guys?!" Alejandro excepts only becuase he knows he's hot and he need's an alliance, Heather overhears and gets angry and says "Two can play that game!" Heather then signs an alliance with Justin too begging him. And Chris annouces that the teams Justin and Gwen are on are the Screaming Bass. Zoey starts definding Duncan her only friend in the season except for Courtney which she doesn't like anymore.

Chris explains the challenge is that the campers are supposed to be in the forest for the whole night and the team to come back with the immunity idol wins. The campers go into the woods Alejandro and the rest of his team starts searching and Alejandro finds it now the campers start waiting for the whole rest of the night even though the other team is still looking. They wake up and Alejandro is already gone with the immunity idol in his hands and wins for the team fast.


LeShawna is eliminated and Duncan is safe.

At the elimination, Killer Gophers pick Scott and Zoey to be exiled and Chris explains there is another idol on the island. The votes are decided it's a tie and so Chris decides who to eliminate and eliminates Leshawna, without really knowing why. Courtney then grabs out the tiki idol and Chris explains that it will ruin her compititon and Alejandro agrees mostly reffering to having her in a alliance with her.

Screaming Bass Voting (Spoiler!)

  • Courtney Votes: Duncan
  • Duncan Votes: Courtney
  • Zoey Votes: Courtney
  • Gwen Votes: Duncan
  • Leshawna Votes: Courtney
  • Justin Votes: Duncan
  • Chris Votes: (Since tie breaker Chris Votes!) Leshawna

Episode 5 - Eat Them Suckers!

At the beginning of the episode Zoey and Scott are on boney island and Scott is trying to convince Zoey to not trust Duncan and Zoey is not falling for it becuase she knows Scott is jealous of Duncan and wants to be payed more attention from Courtney and Zoey walks off again not convinced and searching for the idol. After that Chef takes them back onto the island.

After the exiled campers get onto the island Alejandro confronts Courtney is a fake worried voice "Forgive me, but I think Duncan and Gwen are way mean to you and should take more pride into you and your wonderful self" and that's when Courtney starts to blush and walks away so Scott won't see what just happened and then Alejandro goes into the cabins with Justin. Back at the cabins, Justin and Alejandro are having a conversation about how good looking they are to each other and then start to figure out a plan to get rid of everyone else and Justin shut's the door so no one will listen and then Gwen walks in after hearing it outside and starts confronting. "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO GET RID OF US FAST ALEJANDRO!" and Justin walks out like nothing happens and says to the other campers that Alejandro is backstabbing you. Alejandro starts shaking and runs outside for a meeting with everyone to tell that Justin fooled him into saying it and everyone gets angry at Justin.

Meanwhile, Courtney is crying inside the girls cabin and Duncan comes in and Courtney yells in front of him in rage and just pushes him and runs out the cabin crying with Scott mad he confronts Courtney "Why do you still care about him and not me! This relationship is over!" and then Scott walks away. Courtney turns back around to stop him but it's to late. Later one, Duncan goes up to Zoey and Zoey tells Duncan that Scott wanted Zoey to not get rid of Courtney making Courtney a bigger threat.


Alejandro about to eat the pineapple.


Scott and Alejandro looking at the food.

Chris starts the challenge which is a food challenge with dishes on them and team table which they have to eat all of the dishes with Heather suspisous about Alejandro she wants him to start the food so she can see if he's cheating. And Chris tells that one of the Killer Gophers have the reward to have someone to not eat and Alejandro says "Ladies first!" to suggest she gets it and so she doesn't eat. Chris gives out the first food is pineapple that is poison and Alejandro gives it a try first. Then everyone else starts eating and starts getting sick and Chris then explains if you get sick your out which means Courtney is out for being sick and Gwen starts barfing and gets sick. Then Gwen

Gwen in the confessional explaining in her diary why she shouldn't have ate the pineapple.

is in the confessional talking about why she shouldn't of ate the pineapple. Alejandro wins after four or five more foods and they get bad and bad! Alejandro becomes sick and picks Scott and Justin to be exiled becuase he doesn't trust Heather.

At the end of the episode, Courtney goes home with alot of votes and then Zoey explains she saw alejandro switch and also Scott telling her to save Courtney the votes and the episode leaves off with that.

Screaming Bass Voting

  • Gwen Votes: Duncan
  • Duncan Votes: Courtney
  • Courtney Votes: Duncan
  • Justin Votes: Courtney
  • Zoey Votes: Courtney

Episode 6 - Safari Hunt Deserted Ezekiel

In the beginning of the episode Alejandro is feeling better and is angry at Zoey for telling everyone that he switched the votes to Beth and he asks how do you know and then it goes back to him in the confessional with Zoey hearing. Scott is shocked she told everyone that and then gets angry at her and Alejandro and then walks off. Scott and Justin get exiled.

At Boney Island, Scott and Justin are arguing about the alliance Alejandro made with Justin and Scott is mad and is looking for the idol and then finds the immunity idol and hides it for himself. And then Chris shows up with the contestants and a cage and reveals in the cage and it's Ezekiel and then he explains the challenge is to find Ezekiel while he's loose on boney island and Scott then puts the idol in his pocket. Chef releases Ezekiel and then he starts running and the contestants start searching for him. Scott finds Ezekiel on top of the Boney Island mountain of the mountain and Ezekiel starts to jump onto Scott and meanwhile Scott's running and passes Alejandro which is about to go on the mountain and then also clawed by Alejandro.

Meanwhile, Duncan following Gwen while Gwen is still not talking to him in fury and rages at him to leave her alone while Scott is still running for his life. Duncan apoligizes to Gwen and she doesn't except the favor and walks off. Justin and Alejandro start to follow Duncan and with him angry Duncan gets mad at Justin. Then, Chris accepts Justin to the Killer Gophers team and Heather is still wondering about Alejandro and now is angry that she knows now he voted for her while being in a alliance. Alejandro leaps onto Ezekiel and wins the challenge for the Killer Gophers.

At the elimination, Zoey and Gwen decide to eliminated Duncan and so Duncan is eliminated and Chris announces the merge and that the idol has been found.

Screaming Bass

  • Duncan Votes: Gwen
  • Zoey Votes: Duncan
  • Gwen Votes: Duncan

Episode 7 - Snowy Chris-Mas!

In the beginning of the episode, it's christmas an Gwen and Zoey arrive to Heather's girl cabin and start unpacking on there beds. Zoey states that she thinks Justin may have the idol becuase he's working with Alejandro and then Heather gets angry becuase now she know's Alejandro has set her up and he's been in an alliance with Justin and not her and Heather get's mad and agrees to an alliance with Gw

Alejandro makes it up first and Justin and Heather make it up last to the mountain.

en and Zoey. In the confessional Heather is confessing the alliance is fake and made up.

Meanwhile, Alejandro is asking Justin if he has the idol and Justin says no and Alejandro doesn't by it and screams at Justin weres the idol! And Justin says he doesn't know like he said earlier and says the alliance is over. And Alejandro walks off to Scott and asks him does he have the idol and Scott lies saying no and Alejandro walks away.

Chris calls everyone to the outdoors were it is snowing and he explains the challenge is to race up to the snowy cliff on the other side of the island which is the second highest moutain and climb up there and the last two people to climb up one will be eliminated from the person that comes up first. Alejandro starts running next to Heather explaining the plan to eliminate Scott and Justin and Heather doesn't listen after she's angry and she runs off. Scott starts pushing Alejandro going up the moutain and Justin is tired already and can't go further and Zoey and Gwen start laughing with each other about Heather and it makes Heather angry so she starts running towards them to knock them out. Alejandro makes it first up the mountain. And Justin and Heather make it up the mountain last.

In the end, Alejandro gives Heather a present and votes off Justin and tells everyone that he has been in three alliances during the whole season with Heather, DJ, Scott, and Justin and then Zoey says to Heather "Your with him so your trying to get me in an alliance with me! NO WAY!" Then Alejandro eliminates Justin. And with Justin shocked he is eliminated.

Episode 8 - Volcano Animals!

In the beginning of the episode, Alejandro eliminates Justin and then Chris explains there's another challenge for the final 5! And chris explains that the campers will have to get a mutant or a regular animal to locate you to the volcano and then keep them there and then go back down a go to the other side of the island to get a boat and race back to the other side of the island.

Alejandro explains to Heather that he is truly sorry and kisses her on the cheek. With Scott sad about Courtney leaving and knows now Alejandro planned it all, Scott starts crying and then goes to find a mutant animal and brings Fang along with even though he runs the whold way.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Zoey are having a convestation about getting rid of Alejandro while they get animals,

Scott gets fang. Though Fang traps him at first.

and Alejandro is listening in the bushes, and gets mad and goes up to Zoey and threatens her and Gwen gets angry and walk off. Heather finds a animal with Alejandro. Gwen finds a animal too and they go up the volcano.

Scott reaches the shore first and goes up the volcano first with Fang and then goes back down first to the other side. Meanwhile, Zoey is still looking for a animal and can't find one and decides to quit and then Chris stops the challenge and Scott wins the challenge for being first.

Episode 9 - Haunted House Of Chainsaws

In the beginning of the episode, Scott and Alejandro are having another fight when Alejandro says that Justin didn't have the Idol so Scott did, and so then Scott sighs and admits he has the idol and then goes back to sleep and when he does Alejandro grabs the idol and takes it with him. At 11:55pm, Alejandro, Scott, Heather, and Gwen wake up in a mansion next to a old man explaining the challenge which is that Chris as been taken away to jail and that the campers have to save him or the killer chef will lock them up too. But first the contestants have to finish eating big pies that were made in Total Drama Revenge of the Island. 


Butler starts to explain the challenge when Heather makes fun of him and gets Gwen mad.

Heather starts laughing and complaining and insulting about the butler and jokes that it's Gwen's future husband which makes Gwen lash back and get angry. Scott starts eating and gets full and then starts running to find Chris.

The campers running down the hill together.

Alejandro finishes second, and then Heather and Gwen. Psycho Killer Chef starts chasing the campers down a narrow hill and Alejandro trips while rolling back and is locked up with Chris. Scott and Heather stop getting far away from Chef and make a deal to eliminate Alejandro and Gwen and go to the finals together. Heather in the confessional with Scott hearing outside the confessional starts talking about getting rid of Scott, and he gets angry and walks off and falls into one of Fang's traps and is captured second. Gwen and Heather are still running and Heather confronts Gwen to tell her Scott is planning to eliminate her and she walks away saying it's a lie and so the Gwen and Heather race to the jail to free everyone. Meanwhile, Alejandro and Chris are getting along thinking about who should go next and then with Scott scared with Fang next to him he replys that Gwen

Alejandro and Chris are chatting about who to get out next. Meanwhile, scared Scott explains it should be Gwen.

should go next to Alejandro and Chris. Heather opens the cell and wins the challenge and Gwen gets sad because she thinks she could go next.

Before the elimination, Scott tells Heather he heard everything and leaves at the end the votes are tallied and Gwen is eliminated and gets shocked and mad. Heather finds Courtney's tiki idol and grabs it and keeps it.


Gwen is eliminated and is sad.

Merge Voting!

  • Alejandro Votes: Gwen
  • Heather Votes: Gwen
  • Scott Votes: Heather (Changes it to Gwen)
  • Gwen Votes: Heather

Episode 10 - Playa De Losers: Meet The Losers

In the beginning of the episode the Butler starts explaining the episode is not regular episode and the eliminated contestants are going to speak their mind and they will review who should win later on. After the Butler stops talking, Gwen enters Playa De Losers and makes up with her and they both try to chase

Fang smiling and waving at Roger (American Dad).

Duncan. Meanwhile, Fang is smiling and joking with Roger from American

Leshawna and Beth talking about there time on the show.

Dad about Scott. Also, Beth and Leshawna are talking about there short time on the show and Leshawna gets angry about her time on the show and Beth encourage's her to chill out.

Meanwhile, Justin and DJ are chatting about a American Dad (Which this is the second refference in the episode to the show). And Feral Ezekiel walks up and actally talks about it too. And DJ agrees to what he says and they both start laughing. At the end of the short episode. They all agree that Scott should win after they all looked at the previous footage.

Episode 11 - Saving Private Desert

In the morning, Scott tells Alejandro that he had an alliance with Heather to get Gwen and Alejandro out and then tells she betrayed him and then Alejandro tells Scott that his idol dropped and he stoled it so he gives it back and then he tells him that they could have another guy's alliance until the end.

Chris tells the campers on the loud speaker to go at the docks and so they all go onto the docks and Alejandro and Scott asks to

Heather lying while Scott and Alejandro are trying to get the real truth about her.

Heather was she playing them and Scott then tells Heather he told Alejandro about the confessional and Heather starts denying and Alejandro begs to her not to lie to him because he's her boyfriend and so she lies again saying it's fake and with Alejandro mad he stops talking.

A airforce plane Chris is in sets down to them and they hop on and Chef states that they will all fall down into the desert. Scott and Alejandro start thinking if they are the final people what the challenge could be and then Chef tells them to be quite and Heather asks when they will jump and the Chef opens the airforce plane door and gives them and chance to fall down. Chris then says the person that finishes the course last loses and gets stranded. Chris explains the challenge is to race down the desert to the obsticle course and finish it.


Chef pushes out the contestants Scott, Heather, and Alejandro

Chef then pushes off all the contestants and Heather, Alejandro, Scott all fall into the desert and then Alejandro and Scott agree to stick to a plan to finish and stall Heather to lose. Scott and Alejandro start running through the sand meanwhile, Heather struggles and falls into quick sand and so Alejandro goes up to Heather and starts laughing. Then Heather begs him to save her so Alejandro does and carries her a long time and then he remembers the agreement with Scott and then drops her him the sand while he starts running. He catches up to Scott and then starts finishing the courses with Scott. Meanwhile, Heather is still running to catch up with them and then catches up to the course. Scott and Alejandro finish the course and leave without Heather and so Heather starts running to the plane and hops onto it to so before they actally leave and is dropped off to the dock and is eliminated and moved to Playa De Losers.

Episode 11.5 - Voting Finale!

Vote In The Comments Alejandro vs. Scott!


Voting for the winner in the comments and Season two premieres 12/28/2013!

Alejandro has more votes!

Scott has some to catch up with!

Season Two Premieres December 28th 2013!

Episode 12 - Fighting To Hurt!

The campers that were eliminated return in this episode choosing someone to win and then Chris explains the challenge is that Scott and Alejandro must face off in a arena to be crowned the winner and the person to be taken down will win meanwhile, Chef introduces that their enimies are going to try to hurt them, he then

Duncan and Zoey laughing at Scott take on Alejandro.

shows, Ezekiel, Fang, and Mutant Bear that he will put in the arena every round. Chris then blows a horn and begins the challenge with everyone laughing at Scott take on Alejandro. Scott gets mad and starts to punch Alejandro with Alejandro ducking. Scott fools Alejandro and punches him while Ezekiel and the other monsters come out and start punching Alejandro, Alejandro falls out the ring making Scott the winner of the season.

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