15th Place (Sam)

Sam jumps for his team. He finds the prize in the sand. Though the other team already made it back to the finish. As like last season he has a alliance team dude, which him and Lightning are in it. His team gets him out for being trader with partnering with a villian.

14th Place (Jo)

Jo forms an alliance with Gwen to eliminate Courtney from the team. At the elimination ceremony Duncan, Courtney, and Alejandro get convinced that Jo is very shady and she is eliminated.

13th Place (Scott)

When Scott tries to pull a plan to eliminate Duncan. Gwen gets angry and wants to take action to eliminate Scott. Alejandro, Duncan, and Heather eliminate Scott out. Courtney though was rooting for Scott.

12th Place (Alejandro)

Now as a robot Alejandro has a small chance in winning the game. Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney vote him out for being no use at all. And losing the challenge of the episode Food Fright.

11th Place (Sierra)

With being worthy to Zoey and Mike, Sierra is safe until Gwen and Courtney switch teams and now since Courtney is in the team she starts thinking about Duncan way to much and Sierra gets annoyed and threatens her to not eliminate Zoey, Cameron, and Mike. Courtney gets angry and tells the other players in the team that she is trying to get them out. They all feel that it's true. Lindsay though votes out Courtney her new alliance partner.

10th Place (Cameron)

Cameron is eliminated after he warns Courtney that Zoey and Mike are after her. Zoey feels angry that Cameron betrayed them. Lindsay admits that she wants Courtney gone. Courtney gets shocked but eliminates Cameron already.

9th Place (Lightining)

Lightning is to narsasitic and is warned that if he doesn't help his team then just look at himself he will be eliminated. His team eliminates him after he loses the challenge

8th Place (Courtney)

After Courtney eliminated friends of her team. Courtney gets in a conflict with Zoey. Courtney is eliminated.

7th Place (TBA)

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