In the beginning of the episode the characters from previous seasons return in a battle for more money. The challenge starts, the teams are formed, Noah, Izzy, Gwen, Alejandro, and Heather are team Rebelous Rats and Duncan, Cody, Courtney, Blaineley, Scott, and Eva are the Interaction Squirrels. 

Alejandro splits up into the woods to go find the Chris Idol Key, which Chris explained early it can save you from being eliminated. Scott caughts him and asks him to give it to him so he can be safe. Alejandro then legs are weak after being in a robot suit and falls to the ground. Scott then grabs the key and runs back to the team. With Eva having a crush on Scott, Eva grabs Scott and follows him and throws away the key not knowing it's the idol.

When Scott gets back to the team, Courtney is worried of where he was with Duncan jealous he shows off his lighter to Courtney with her scared Duncan feels like he is not really important. Eva tries to kiss Scott and wraps her hands around him. 


She starts to scream when Scott rejects the kiss and Eva pushes Scott over. Duncan and Blaineley start to talk about a future alliance. Courtney starts to laugh in jealous pain with Scott. Duncan gets angry and he walks off. 


Meanwhile, Alejandro gets back to his team with Heather leading to the other side of the island which is where the volcanos are mostley. Izzy find the key to win and wins for the team. Alejandro and Heather hug in a cheerful way. While Izzy and her camel are messing around, Gwen gets annoyed and yells and wonders about her former boyfriend Duncan.

Meanwhile the other team is informed that the lost thr challenge and have to eliminate someone. Eva gets angry and blames it on Scott and spits in his face while pushing him back to the ground. Courtney gets angry and starts yelling with Scott. Blaineley is then pushing Courtney and calling Eva "The Adamsapple Women." Eva then goes mad walks off. Cody breaks up the fight but later is pushed on the ground with Scott.

At the elimination ceremony, The Interaction Squirrels are at the ceremony. Courtney and Scott hold hands while Eva is seen drawing them dead. Blaineley tries to make a deal with Cody, but Cody denies. The votes are in and Eva was eliminated. Eva gets angry and throws a stick at Courtney. Eva leaves in the boat and is sad to be eliminated fast.

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