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  • X16bit

    Hey everybody! I haven't written a blog in a while (and the last one was a desperate attention grab, lol at that), and have wanted to write one. There are many factors going into this list, not only the looks of the place. How the place mattered in the plot and how the challenges were in character and entertaining matter in my books, also. Without further ado, let's get into the list.

    A great way to start off a ranking of the locations is with the first one. Considering the show is made in Canada, I found one of the most popular areas in Canada would be a great place to start. This location isn't good just because it's the first one, though. The challenge fit very well with the location and was entertaining. Stairs or Scares was a great way…

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  • X16bit

    Yes, clickbait title. But this is actually a very interesting theory for RR I want to share. I hope you take time to think about it, and not say "THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE GERRY IS SO HOT HE SHOULD WIN" or any complaints like that. Without further adieu, let's go into the theory.

    Remember this part in the theme song? Look at the order they are running in. There is a possibility this is the elimination order. Personally, I'm a bit dissapointed if this is true, showing they won't change from AS.

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  • X16bit

    So I was rewatching TDRoTI and there was a elimination ceremony that confused me way too much....

    The Treasure Island of Dr. Mclean.

    I'm not gonna dive into what the problems of the rest of the episode are, but there is just one thing I noticed that bothered me. Chris said that the only vote that wasn't for Scott was Zoey, who voted for Dakota. If that's the case, Scott voted for himself. Why would Scott vote for himself? The only other solution is that he didn't vote for anyone, which then that would be a series first. But the problem with that theory is that it would make even less sense then Scott voting for himself. He wants control of the game, he's not just giving up easy control. If anyone can explain the elimination ceremony for me or…

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