This is the second episode of Total Drama: Peligroso Island. Heres the link to the third episode...[1]

Wakey, Wakey, Suprising Twistie​s

(Chris stands on the dock)

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama: Peligroso Island! Sixteen heroes and villains from Total Drama Island returned and some lost some of their dignity while doing it! Jumping off a cliff into shark-infested water. Or taking the dreaded chicken hat and lose a point for your team. In the end, Beth and Courtney lost the first challenge for the team while the Villains also lost the second challenge due to their lack of teamwork. Courtney was voted off due to not being spared again for the same challenge. But who will be eliminated this episode? Which team will win? Find out this episode on Total...Drama...Peligroso Island!

(Opening sequence)

(Winner's Spa Hotel - Men's Room)

Geoff and Tyler relax and talk.

Geoff: No, Bridgette's a way better girlfriend.

Tyler: At least Lindsay's smart.

Geoff: And you are?

(Winner's Spa Hitel - Ladie's Room)

Bridgette, Lindsay, LeShawna, Izzy, Katie and Sadie lean in to listen to what they're saying.

Lindsay: Nobody calls me or Tyler, dumb!

Izzy: Except everyone on Total Drama.

Bridgette and LeShawna glare at her.

Izzy: What did I say something?

(Loser's Cabin - Men's Side)

Duncan and Justin share a bunk while Noah is by himself.

Noah: If we lose again we gotta eliminate another girl. They still out number us by one.

Justin: Yeah, one! Fine with me.

Duncan: Well then maybe you're next!

Noah: Or you! You've made it to the merge every season you compete in! I haven't made it once!

(Loser's Cabin - Ladie's Side)

Gwen and Eva share a bunk. Heather and Beth share a bunk.

Heather: Beth, judging by your lack of villainous qualities. You're next if we lose.

Beth: What! Gwen and Eva didn't vote for me.

Gwen: Well.

Eva: I voted for Courtney.

Heather: Bye-bye, Beth.

(Dining Hall)

The two teams stand on opposite sides.

LeShawna: Yeah, right! You can't trick us again with the run and the buffet!

Chris: Actually this is your challenge. Eat the buffet. Most team participation wins!

Contestants: Woah!

(20 minutes later)

The contestants are stuffed.

Chris: Now time for the awake-athon!

Contestants: What!

Gwen: You said, you cancelled that challenge!

Chris: No. I said this is your challenge. One of your challenges. The team with the most participation, the heroes, win the reward!

Heroes: Woah!

Chris: The heroes get a coffee, each!

Heroes: Ha-ha!

Heather: Uhh!

(Later, Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Noah, LeShawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie and Justin are asleep. Tyler and Izzy are awake for the Heroes and Eva, Gwen, Duncan are awake for the Villains)

Eva: How much long-long-longer?

She falls asleep.

Gwen: I can't take it anymore. Duncan. Win!

She falls asleep along with Tyler. Izzy stares at Duncan.

Duncan: Crazy...girl...awake.

He falls asleep. Izzy faints.

Chris: And the heroes win again!

Everybody is asleep.

Chris: As soon as I wake the Villains up they'll go vote someone off!

(Bonfire Ceremony)

Chris: And the marshmallows go to Eva, Gwen, Beth, Noah and Duncan. The last marshmallow goes to...Heather!

Justin: You'll need me!

Villains: No.

Justin: You'll need meeeee!

In-Universe Votes:

Heather: Justin

Gwen: Heather

Beth: Heather

Justin: Heather

Duncan: Justin

Eva: Justin

Noah: Justin

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