Untalented Show is the fourth episode of Total Drama Peligroso Island. Vote in the comments for who you want to win or lose, when the episode is over, please!

​Untalented Show

(Chris stands on the dock)

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama: Peligroso Island! The campers competed in a dodgeball game full of surprises! The heroes have won every challenge so far. Except this time. They were so self-conscious. And finally in the end it was down to best friends. And Katie, for once, stayed instead of Sadie! But who will be eliminated this episode? Which team will win? Find out this episode on Total...Drama...Peligroso Island!

(Winner's Spa Hotel - Men's Room)

Noah and Duncan sit, talking.

Noah: Maybe Justin was right!

Duncan: That's something I though I'd never hear.

Noah: Now there's four girls and two boys.

Duncan: And somehow Beth and Eva are still in.

Noah: So, alliance?

Duncan: Sure.

I have to go I'll finish later,

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