This is my Prediction



Katie and Sadie

Gwen and Duncan

Alejandro and Heather

Dakota and Sam

Brick and Jo

Mike and Zoey

Shawn and Jasmine

Dave and Sky

Ella and Sugar

New Ones

Carrie and Junior

Aaron and Ellie

Quinn and Glenn

Joey and Tim

Bennett and Alyssa

Vicki and Bruce

Will and Kitty

Ryan and Leila

Billy and Milly

Elimination Order

Rank Contestant Gender
18th Dakota and Sam
17th Vicki and Bruce
16th Alejandro and Heather
15th Billy and Milly
14th Dave and Sky
13th Quinn and Glenn
12th Mike and Zoey
11th Bennett and Alyssa
10th Katie and Sadie
9th Ryan and Leila
8th Shawn and Jasmine
7th Aaron and Ellie
6th Brick and Jo
5th Joey and Tim
4th Gwen and Duncan
3rd Will and Kitty
2nd Ella and Sugar
1st Carrie and Junior

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