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Not So Happy Returnees

(Chris stands with four of his interns standing next to him)

Chris: Well. After four seasons and two-parts of one season, the lawyers actually green-lit another season. I'm bringing back sixteen contestants from TDI. The rules are the same. We've made a replica island to Wawanaka. Same bonfire, same mess hall, even the same challenges. Introducing:
















and Lindsay

Lindsay: I'm glad that me and Tyson are on the same season, again!

Tyler: I am too!

Noah: Yeah, Tyson.

Bridgette: (in America, and most other countries) Geoff is now a 500,000-dollar-ianaire!

Geoff: (in America, and most other countries) Yeah even after being eliminated, me and Brody still won!

Chris: Which I would never allow!

Sadie: Katie and I are finally on Total Drama again.

Katie: Finally!

Eva: And this time I intend to win!

LeShawna: Woah! I am in it to win it.

Izzy: Well Owen has been on two shows and placed in the top eight in every season he's been in! I'll continue that trend for him.

Noah: Or I can, the person who competed with him in one of those shows.

Gwen: You can't actually force me to compete, right?

Chris: Your All-Stars contracts say two seasons more including this one, so I can have you compete in the next season too if I want to!

Courtney: If Duncan makes it to the merge again, I will freak!

Duncan: I'm just good at the game. I am the only contestant to make it to the final five three times.

Courtney: I also intend to this season! And make it to first place, too.

Heather: Yeah will have you made it to the final three, twice? Neither of you have!

Beth: This reminds me of my time with Brady! Sad!

LeShawna: What happened between you two?

Beth: We broke up.

Justin: You just couldn't resist me, could you, Beth?

Beth: It wasn't about you, it-

Chris: Now, everybody meet at the campfire.

(All sixteen are now sitting on the logs while Chris talks)

Chris: Chef will serve you the same, disgusting food. You will compete in the same, disgusting challenges, and will vote someone off as they take the Submarine of Shame!

Gwen: You ran out of ideas, didn't you?

Chris: What, of course not! It was #7 on the list...somewhere.

Eva: The same challenges?!

Chris: Yep. And Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay and Duncan, Guess what? The teams will once again be-

Beth: Judged by a race?

Justin: Chosen by two people?

Duncan: Chosen by you?

Chris: No, No, and kind of. It will be heroes vs. villains, again!

Duncan: Come on!

Eva: Seriously!

Geoff: I already had to compete in a team of eleven and then two! Now, eight?

Chris: Good math skills, Geoff. Surprisingly. LeShawna, Tyler, Geoff, Bridgette, Izzy, Lindsay, Katie and Sadie. You will be the Annoying Ewoks! Or the heroes. Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Justin, Eva, Courtney, Noah and Beth. You will be the Dangerous Dinos! Or the villains.

Beth: How am I on the villains?

Noah: Yeah, me too!

Gwen: I thought I redeemed myself, last season!

Chris: Beth, how you acted in TDA. Noah, your snarky attitude in TDI. And Gwen, honestly I just needed to balance it out.

Gwen: So if anybody on the Ewoks does a bad deed, I'll be swithced over?

Chris: Depends on your actions and your teammates' actions. Anyway. As you can remember. Your first challenge. Jumping off a cliff into shark-infested water, hoping to land in the free zone. The team with the most jumpers gets a reward in the second challenge.

Heroes win first challenge as they all jump just like in TDI. The Villains lose as both Beth and Courtney refuse to jump. Heroes get the reward in building a hot tub, which is the same reward as in TDI. So who do you want to win the overall challenge? Vote in the comments, please!

Heroes win and Villains lose. It comes down to Beth and Courtney.

Chris: The last marshmallow goes to....Beth!

Courtney: Noo!

Chris: Bye-bye

In-Universe Votes

Duncan: Beth

Gwen: Beth

Courtney: Duncan

Beth: Courtney

Eva: Courtney

Noah: Courtney

Justin: Courtney

Heather: Beth

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