This is the third episode of Total Drama Peligroso Island. Here's the link for the next episode! [1]

Dodgeball Style

(Chris stands on the dock)

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama: Peligroso Island! The heroes and villains raced to the dining hall, had a delicious brunch and then had to stay awake. Hard, right? But with most them falling asleep it was, once again, the villains that lost. It was between Heather and Justin, and ultimately, in the end, Pretty Boy was eliminated. But who will be eliminated this episode? Which team will win? Find out this episode on Total...Drama...Peligroso Island!

(Opening Sequence)

(Winner's Spa Hotel - Men's Room)

Geoff is asleep and Tyler secretly walks out.

Chris: Late night?

Tyler: Ahhhh!

Chris: Shhh! It's 3:00 in the morning!

Tyler: What are you doing up?

Chris: Having fun.

He blows an air horn.

Heroes: Ahh! Chris:

Chris: You'll need some rest for this challenge. Go back to sleep.

Tyler: Uh, yeah!

He runs back in.

(Winner's Spa Hotel - Ladie's Room)

Lindsay and LeShawna are asleep. Izzy is wide awake, walking around the room. Sadie and Katie are trying to go back to sleep, Bridgette is staring at Izzy, disturbed.

Izzy: Bridgette! Go back to sleep!

Bridgette: I'm trying.

(Loser's Cabin - Men's Side)

Duncan and Noah now share a bunk.

Noah: Well now we're outnumbered by two!

Duncan: Yeah. If we lose this time we both gotta vote for a girl.

Noah: And the same one!

Duncan: Duh!

(Loser's Cabin - Ladie's Side)

Heather is up, doing her nails. Eva and Beth are asleep. Gwen is under her covers with a flashlight. She is writing a list of who to vote off. It says Heather, Duncan, Beth, Eva, Noah.

Gwen: Perfect,

(Sports' Area)

The fourteen campers sit.

Chris: So. Dodgeball Day! This time for the heroes five will sit out, three will be in. Villains, three sit out, three go in.

(Five minutes later)

Izzy, Geoff and Tyler stand for the heroes. Eva, Duncan and Heather stand for the villains. Izzy misses. Eva knocks out Tyler. Geoff throws three balls and hits Heather. Duncan and Eva throw them at Izzy and Geoff. Geoff is the only one left. He throws one and hits Duncan. Geoff smiles. Eva frowns. She throws it so hard, Geoff is knocked out of the arena. First point goes to villains. It's now all tied up. Two to two.

Duncan, Gwen and Heather stand out for the villains. Bridgette, Izzy and Tyler stand out for the heroes. Duncan knocks Tyler and Bridgette down. Izzy throws one but misses. Duncan throws one at her but she catches it. Heather and Gwen throw some and while Izzy is distracte she is hit with both. The Villains rejoice.

Chris: Well, Heroes. For the first time ever, you'll be at the bonfire!


Chris: The marshmallows go to Tyler, Geoff, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay and Bridgette.

Katie and Sadie look worried.

Chris: The last marshmallow goes to...Katie!

Katie and Sadie: Nooo!

Sadie is dragged to the dock and is eliminated.

In-Universe Votes:

Lindsay: Lindsay (by accident)

Tyler: Katie

Geoff: Sadie

LeShawna: Katie

Izzy: Sadie

Bridgette: Sadie

Katie: Bridgette

Sadie: Bridgette

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