As a part 2 to my other post about PI,  I will go through a list of all the RoTI   contestants, trying to see who could, would, and should return. The contestants are: Staci, Dakota, B, Dawn, Sam, Brick, Anne-Maria, Mike, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Cameron, and Lightning.

Staci, so that's a no.

Dakota is one of the two characters confirmed to never return, so that's a no.

B was a good character, but there isn't sadly much to do with him, so that's a maybe.

Dawn is (I believe) one of the fan-favorites, so that's a yes.

Sam was just kinda there in All-Stars, so that's a no.

Brick is another fan-favorite, so that's a yes.

Anne-Maria has plenty of potential, but wasn't too good, so that's a maybe.

Mike is so hated after All-Stars, so that's a no.

Jo has the same thing going on with Sam, but she's more likeable, so that's a maybe.

Scott imo was the best character in All-Stars, so that's a yes.

Zoey is also super hated now, so that's a no.

Cameron is, again, really hated, but since he won, that's a maybe.

Lightning's return should be saved for later, so that's a no.

No List: Staci, Dakota, Sam, Mike, Zoey, Lightning. 6/13

Maybe List: B, Anne-Maria, Jo, Cameron. 4/13

Yes List: Dawn, Brick, Scott 3/13

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