So I will go through the list of all the PI contestants, trying to see who could, would, and should return. The contestants are: Beardo, Leonard, Amy, Rodney, Samey, Ella, Topher, Dave, Scarlett, Max, Jasmine, Sugar, Sky, and Shawn.

Beardo is relatively bland, and although he isn't an awful character, he really doesn't fit into the new season, especially if they want to make it special, so thats a no.

Leonard was a little funny, but a bad character, and with his return in RR, I don't think he will ever return, so that's a no.

Amy has some-what potential, but is overshadowed by Samey, who is way more liked in the community, and although it isn't up to the community, her mean behavior can be replaced by others like Sugar, Courtney, and Scott, so that's a no.

Rodney was a complete failure of a character, who nobody liked, so that's a no.

Samey was a very likeable character, and I think her returning would be nice, so that's a yes.

Ella can easily be replaced by Lindsay, as they are both princesses, but she still could be a possibility, so that's a maybe.

Topher, imo, was a good character, and although I want him to return, it's unlikely, so that's a maybe.

Dave is awful, and has no potential for anything else beyond what's finished, so that's a no.

Scarlett was kicked out of the season by Chris for trying to kill everyone and take over the island, so that's a no.

Max was kicked out of the season for being an idiot, and eliminating himself, so that's a maybe.

Jasmine is the absolute best character in the season, and one of the best overall, so that's a yes.

Sugar is a meh character with no plot, but she's likely to return, so that's a maybe.

Sky is just a less boring Zoey, but since she won, that's a maybe.

Shawn is quite likeable, and for being a winner, that's a yes.

No List: Beardo, Leonard, Amy, Rodney, Dave, Scarlett. 6/14

Maybe List: Ella, Topher, Max, Sugar, Sky. 5/14

Yes List: Samey, Jasmine, Sky. 3/14

Incoming Sugar attack, but this is my opinion-ish, so leave feedback, but not like, "I dislike this".

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