aka Thorin Groth

  • I live in Staci’s basement.
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Making OC pages.
  • I am Male
  • WreakerOfClash

    Hey everyone, WreakerOfClash here! Once again, I have been asked to write the next episode of Super Slamdown! The next episode will be once again be covered by Alpha, and I have made one change, which is semi-major: Toronto is still under blackmail, but not for the previous reason (being exposed for his actual identity, which is Samuel). His blackmail is that he used his lively personality and leadership skills to get others to do whatever he wants. Also, like TDIFanatic's season, I will reveal the voting confessionals!

    Remaining Contestants

    Crazy Crocs - Toronto, Karen, Richard, Kierston (4/11)

    Insane Eagles - Jim, Ken, Daniel, Lorelei, Agatha, Thorin (6/11)

    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Super Slamdown...

    To liven the spirits around the isla…

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  • WreakerOfClash

    Hey everyone, WreakerOfClash here! I know that I'm not AlphaBeta, but he asked me to cover for him FOR ONLY THIS EPISODE, and I am NOT taking over, this is just a one- (maybe more) time thing, but I hope you enjoy this episode! Note: I have changed some things from the last episode (Ben didn't campaign for elimination, he just annoyed his team. Thorin and Karen aren't in a relationship yet, but they have a ton of tension between them.)

    Remaining Contestants

    Crazy Crocs - Thorin, Toronto, Matt, Karen, Richard, Sarah, Kierston (7/11)

    Insane Eagles - Jim, Abbey, Ken, Lenny, Daniel, David, Lorelei, Khione (8/11)


    Chris: On the last episode of Total Drama: Super Slamdown, as a callback to the Paintball Dear Hunter challenge, the teams were split i…

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  • WreakerOfClash

    I've been scrolling through some pages, and I've noticed some drastic quality changes in images, for example:

    This is awesome!

    Please stop.

    Is there a way to make the image above, or any low-rez image higher quality? If so, how? This is something that I want to fix, and I know I probably can, but any advice or knowledge helps.

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  • WreakerOfClash

    This is a rewrite of the most recent episode of Total Drama Super Slamdown, an OC season created by the AMAZING AlphaBeta25! The awesome format was created by SmarticleParticles, and I cannot take credit for it. I hope you enjoy this rewrite of Total Drama Super Slamdown: The Good, the Bad, and the Richard! Note: This is meant to be more of a development episode, and less of a challenge one, and while I am still following through with the format of the original episode, expect more plot-oriented lines. Note 2: I needed to repost this as I had an editing issue when I was traveling from my dad's house to my mom's, please don't ask me about it. Note 3: I had an editing issue so there is still stuff I need to add.

    Remaining Contestants

    Crazy Cro…

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  • WreakerOfClash

    TDS6 Cast Prediction

    October 13, 2017 by WreakerOfClash

    Yes, these have been done before, and often, but I want to make my prediction on who will return.

    The Obvious

    The most obvious candidates to return are Shawn, Sky, Dave, and Jasmine. Since Shawn, Dave, Sky, and Jasmine were pretty much the main characters of the season, and all of them made merge, like Action or All-Stars, these contestants will most likely return. “But Wreaker, what about Max, Scarlett, or Sugar?” I think Max could return, but he doesn’t seem like he could be interesting. Scarlett was disqualified, so Chris probably won’t want her to return, and while disqualification doesn’t mean much (i.e Sierra), she would only be an antagonist, and there are others to fill in that position. And Sugar, while making final 3, was probably …

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