Ok hi we'll I am doing worst to best total drama season. This is my opinion so please don't say anything. Ok up first

Total Drama Action


This season was just plain boring to me it had some things I liked but not a lot. I hated how heather was eliminated in before merge. I hated how leshawna and Heather became kinda friends. I hated how Beth made it to the final 2 and how Owen returned so close to the end. I loved how Lindsay was developed more. Justin plot was pointless to me. I hated how Gwen was voted out early because of Justin. Trent's plot was ruined. Courtney became more competitive and bossier which I hated. This season ruined a lot of the contestants for me.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

This season wasn't that good. I hated how the island had toxic waste which was pointless. I hated how mike had multiple personality it was suppose to be a kid show. Dakota turning into a mutant was fake which was pointless. Some of the character were pointless like B and Mike. Some of the things I liked about the season was how Zoey was athletic which was something new to the show. Overall this season was bad.

Total Drama All-Stars

The season was ok to me I liked how the player came together. I liked Jo and Heather made interactions. I loved the relationship between Scott and Courtney. I hated how they broke up though. I hated how Alejandro used the idol on Heather and how heather got dumber by putting the idol somewhere. I hated how Lindsay got even dumber. The finalist was okay I liked Zoey in the finale but I feel mike plot got even worst. The interactions with Cameron and Courtney with the kiss was random. So this season isn't the best but it's not the worst.

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