"Dodgebrawl" is such a generic, uncreative, cheesy name. Oh well.

Hello, and welcome to another TDI review. I'm Whoops6, and I really like peanut butter. But enough about me, let's get to the episode!

So Owen and Heather find something amusing in the dining hall. Maybe they were looking at Beth's ugly face.

"Harold snored all night!"

At least it wasn't Katie and Sadie snoring.

When everybody is hiding from Duncan, Katie looks like she's going to walk on the table.


Dat stache doe.

I'll admit that was one of the funnier moments.

Courtney is pisssed offf at Gwen for the first time. This is a historic moment.

When Heather, Lindsay and Beth are talking, Justin looks like he's staring off into space.

How come nobody in the dining hall talks? Do they just listen to Heather's conversation?

"It's called a medical condition, GOSH!"

I love the Courtney vs. Harold subplot.

Now Chef is pissed off for whatever reason.

Lindsay's stupidity amuses me.

"We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, AND THEN WE'RE GONNA EAT IT!"

All of Tyler's quotes this season are just fails.

The contestants cheering is annoying.

I never realized how slutty Izzy's shirt is. It reminds me of someone that I met in Vegas.

Harold screaming like a little girl is my life.

How come nobody gives Katie any credit? She's actually a legitimate contestant.

"Ohhh! Sorry!"

Hey, it's DJ's only line between episode 2 and episode 6.

"Easy out guys! Easy out!"

I really hate it when people say that. It lowers my self esteem.

How does the dodgeball contract static electricity? Rubber is an insulator.

This episode is a drag.

Geoff is way too friendlly this season.

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 8.26.10 AM

Sadie looks like she's gonna murder somebody.

"Watch the face, dude!"

Chris' voice sounds like Louis Armstrong if he had a smoking addiction.

So... is everybody just casually watching Lindsay and Tyler flirt?

Trent hitting Tyler was probably the best moment in the episode.

"You are so close to getting kicked out of the alliance!"

When Heather says this, Chris is staring at something.

Owen? why are you going crazy?

Why are the Killer Bass just lying on the ground? You'd think it's the Nigerian soccer team.

"That's the spirit Harold! Now go wake him up."

I love it when Courtney has mood swings like that!

"Other than Tyler, you're the worst at dodgeball!"

At least Tyler and Harold did something. Did Sadie or Bridgette do anything?

I liked it when Duncan was actually tough.

How come half the contestants don't even talk this episode?

How did a kayak go through Tyler? Shouldn't it have pinned him to the ground? And how was Heather able to lift a kayak over her head?

"Sit down, and stay there!"

Heather sounds like one of those misstresses in one of those bondage... well nevermind.

Beth and LeShawna atually FLEW for a second.

"She could've been getting you to spill all of our weaknesses to her!"

I'll admit, Lindsay's reaction to that was priceless.

DJ just jumped 10 feet in the air to avoid a dodgeball.

"You messed with the wrong white girl!"

I love TDI LeShawna.

Cody protecting Gwen and getting hit in the knackers was amazingly hilarious.

And Harold saves the day. Fun.

"It's impossible! WHY?!?!?!?!"

I loved the dramatic reactions in this season.

Even Owen is pissed at Noah, that's how you know.

Considering I find myself to relate most to Noah, seeing him eliminated was saddening.

Noah keeps saying how smart he is, but it's never shown off in any of the seasons.

"Whatever, I'm outta here!"

I love Noah.

"But I still get paid. BONUS!"

Chris is amazing.

My favorite contestant in this episode was Lindsay, for obvious reasons.

My least favorite contestant in this episode was Heather, because she got pissed at two of my favorite contestants- Lindsay and Noah.

My problem with this episode is that it was a drag. Watching animated teenagers throw rubber at each other is slightly more entertaining than watching them yawn, but it was still very boring. I find that to be the case with many TDI episodes. I mentioned this in the last episode as well, but the contestants that don't talk in this episode barely make an appearence. I forgot that Justin existed until the marshmallow ceremony. (Shouldn't it be spelled marshmellow? That would make more sense.) The lines in this episode were pretty historic, and like I said, I loved the dramatic reactions that the players had this season. Unfortunatly, those dramatic reactions aren't seen after this season. Imagine Jo screaming "NO!!! WHY!?!?!?!" after losing a challenge in All-Stars. Oh well.

This episode recieves 2 out of 5 Sugars.
Totally barfable
Totally barfable

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